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  1. Status Report 3 July 2018

    Are you planning to make a system where you bury your people? Crafting a cross, making an actual grave? Is it planned? Something like this:
  2. Few questions about 0.63

    1. No, there's no such thing as getting stuffed at this point. Neither sick, high temperature, low temperature...etc. Everything will be added throughout the experimental phase. 2. No, not yet. Will be added tho. 3. Same, more to come soon. 4. I personally have acceptable FPS looking at the fact that I play on 144hz, it won't drop under 60. Stays around 70 to 90. 5. The vests are indeed a little bit too heavy, especially the Ballistic Vest but they will balance these in the future. 6. They had to rewrite everything for 0.63 so basically the script for the old items is not made or added yet because they focused on making the basic things. When 0.63 will hit stable everything you know that is in 0.62 will be in 0.63. That's their goal. They focus on fixing the client and server performance before adding new content to 0.63.
  3. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Let's not forget that they re-wrote most of the scripts if not everything for 0.63 with the new engine. God knows when they started, so the development years might be even less than that.
  4. Is this even a game at this point?

    To argument everything you said: 1. This is the first ever version on experimental. The devs focus on fixing the performance issues right now. Do you want hundreds of items and the servers to crash every minute? The items/loot economy will get better throughout the experimental version/stable. 2. Instead of looking for that "haaaard" to find rope you can cut the track suites and other clothes the people "in the right mind" wouldn't pick. You make bandages and with 12 bandages combined 6 with 6, you make the precious rope. 3. You have ponds near every spawn point or close enough so you don't die before getting to them. On top of that, this game has sodas and you find them quite easily. 4. In real life, tell me what other indicators regarding your thirst, hunger...etc you have. Oh sh*t, nothing, you just feel that you are getting tired/thirsty/hungry rapidly or slowly. Maybe you are living in 2080 and people there have the technology to indicate exactly their thirst level. 5. Don't tell me you go up North through the woods without stopping to the next town to find food or water to survive. If you do that then I worry the system has any problems. Also, you have wells in every single town. 6. A ballistic vest, not a Kevlar Vest or other civilian protection vests can weight up to 20 pounds. Like I said before, this is the first ever experimental version and they focus on the server's performance, tweaks will come along the way. And to answer your incredible questions: 1. In DayZ you Loot, Shoot and then Die at a certain point in time and start again. On top of that you have incredible interactions, firefights, the feeling and fear of losing your teammate that you found 30 minutes ago but you feel like you know him for years. DayZ plays with your emotions throughout the gameplay and that's unique! 2. Don't you think that's what looting is? Do you want to get the items at your feet and not looking in every house for them? 3. Do you think in real life you don't get tired, you don't hear your heavy breathing? That's the most accurate script that could make you feel like when you're tired in real life. 4. It's the "*insert bad language*" apocalypse and you wanna be fashion? Find a use for them, go make yourself a rope with them. 5. The new DayZ fighting system is based on skill, if you know HOW to fight...you will win. If you don't even know how to block a punch or a zombie attack you're dead and then you come back here crying about the script/system. 6. Players are there, you find interactions if you know how to get them. Try to put yourself in an apocalypse scenario with infected, how would you be? Losing your friends and family and being alone on an island. 7. Uninstall the game if you don't need it. DayZ will survive without your attitude better.
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release

    When you play the experimental update, you don't play the stress test servers. You have to find the servers that says "Experimental/Unstable" at the end. Also, to get all of them easier just tick the box that says "Proper version" in the filter menu. And just to check you've done everything okay. Make sure to go to DayZ's Properties in Steam-> BETAS -> have it on: experimental - Unstable testing version. Good luck! @Supman911
  6. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Fortnite was in development for 7 years (since 2011-2012). And it doesn't even have half the complexity of DayZ's scripting difficulty. Just as a matter of fact for every kid crying around here. Grow up...
  7. 0.63 Experimental Release

    There is a saying: "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life". - It makes a little bit of sense in your scenario aswell. You can have great experiences with the current version, while on the other side you can encounter all the bad things at once and think this is such a bad game, how could they be proud of it...etc. It is a good start, I've had such good experiences and interactions since they released experimental. I've had issues aswell but the good parts balanced the experience.
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Who ever is having these issues, remove the all the DayZ related folders from your Documents files(keep the logs if you wanna send them to the devs tho). It fixed the problem for me. Good luck!
  9. 0.63 Experimental Release

    On top of that, sometimes when I connect, the queue does indeed move weirdly from number to number then instead of the number, it says "Dialog text", after that I get a "Bad Module" crash.
  10. 0.63 Experimental Release

    I am having the exact same issue! If anyone knows how to make it work...let us know, please. Thanks!
  11. Stress Test vol.14

    The servers are really unstable for me. It crashes every 5-10 minutes + a lot of Bad Modules. I hope the developers are aware of them.
  12. General Discussion

    I've recently seen the Blood Splatter feature. It's amazing! I have a few things to say. I believe the blood should be a little darker. Is the blood gonna spatter on walls/cars or any objects where the character was killed? PS: A cool thing to add is if you shoot a tree "x" times, it will make it fall. (with high caliber)
  13. The worst game ever

    But you also press "I understand" every time you want to play it. @Sqeezorz So that's not an excuse for him.
  14. Stress Test vol.11

    Oh nooooo! Opened the game, after 2 minutes BSoD. GPU DIED. ✟ Not nooow. :(
  15. Stress Test vol.7

    I joined a 1st Person Server. Spawned in a forest Walked to a town (Tulga) Tried to pick up some pants *Bad Module Crash* Re-joined the server. Picked up the pants Walked to another location Admired the beautiful forest *Bad Module Crash* Re-joined the server. Made my way to the town (Msta) Looted a few houses Had some problems with the zombies Killed a few of them and bandaged myself Heard some shots Moved to another town (Staroye) Heard some steps in the police station Looted a few houses Moved to a military location nearby Saw a player Snicked around and looted the military compound Found some ammo and a gun Walked towards another town (Guglovo) *Bad Module Crash* while running Re-joined the server. Noticed I am not where I crashed Thought the character moved while the game crashed Found the actual town (Guglovo) *Zombies were really really desynced at this point, they were moving everywhere really fast.* *Got kicked due to the known BattlEye problem* (First one in more than an hour) Re-joined the server. Looted the town a little *Got kicked due to the known BattlEye problem* Re-joined the server. Moved around a little *Got kicked due to the known BattlEye problem* Re-joined the server. *Got kicked due to the known BattlEye problem* Tried to join a server. *Connection failed* (They disabled BattlEye at this point) I exit the game. I write this. Opinions: Night time: The night time looks really blueish and really bright. You can see everything in the distance and it doesn't give you that scary dark post-apocalyptic feeling. I would make it much darker in order to force the players to use the Flashlight, Portable Gas-Lamp...etc. It has to be scary, dark, pitch black in the distance (maybe just the contrast between the objects and the sky) and to the point where you can see what is in front of you but you need a Flashlight to comfortably move around. Great example of the old night time (This was incredibly good, I loved it.): Zombies: I love the new sound effect, it's really scary especially at night. I am not a fan of "these are not zombies, they are infected humans". They should NOT be able to move that fast, they should be slow, large in numbers and really, really powerful to the point where you can kill them quite easily (two body melee hits, one hit in the head) but if you get hit once you are in a big trouble. This way the towns should be really hard to get in due to the large numbers of zombies and should require tactical behavior when trying to get in. (Maybe the server performance will allow large number of zombies in the future if it's not capable now) I had a few fights with them, I was able to kill them pretty easily. A few of them were not even able to hit me. Others hit me once while I killed them, I bandaged myself and the problem was solved. I don't know what to say, maybe I was lucky and they are dangerous indeed. Melee Combat: I really like the new combat idea, it's a new step to the good but I feel like it's still kinda clunky and W.I.P. You start the combat and hope to hit, it's not based on your individual skill in the game (reflex, aim...etc) and if the object/player/zombie you are trying to hit is moving around you, the speed balance between the combat movement and the person's movement is off. What I am trying to say is that the character moves really smooth and fluently while the combat system doesn't...creating an unbalanced combat. I feel like you can avoid the hits really easily just with the character movement. At least that's what I think based on the few hours I've played on 0.63. ADS: I still don't know how to ADS, the system should change. ADS in 0.62 was pretty good. I'm not a fan of this one. Everything else seems really good, the developers made a great job on the new DayZ and based on MY EXPERIENCE today, I can call it "Ready for Experimental" if the BattlEye issue gets fixed. #inbetawetrust