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  1. Are there any Belgian (or Dutch players) looking for someone or multiple people to run with? I'm pretty fluent in English but native language is always nicer to talk. if interested send me a message or reply here
  2. spectralio

    Need DayZ Team/People To Play With

    ive only been playing for like 3 hours but i am bored on my own and still have a lot to learn. If you are okay with learning me a lot of basics i would be down for that
  3. spectralio

    new player things to do

    my friend is pretty good at reading the map and heading out with it, personally i suck at it. I knew where i was and how i was gonna run, and still i manage to get lost for a while and end up at a point i Already crossed. my second try was better and i did get at the point i was aiming at. I managed to find a lot of fruit and water bottles now already so for starvation i should be good. currently at the berezino hospital, i was gonna go up and try and get the ada4x4 but i guess i dont have the parts yet. I have 2 filled up water bottles and motor oil, but it seems i need car radiator and stuff like that also?
  4. spectralio

    new player things to do

    I am currently in berezino, at the water pump. I've drank like 35 times from the water well because my thirst bottle symbol was still not filled to the top. I noticed a weird symbol next to my water bottle after quite a few drinks. But the bottle was not yet filled and i wanted to fill it all the way. I heard a vomiting sound although i see no vomit on the ground. Should i be worried? My friends are all just starting to play also and we would like to meet up, should i try to find a verhicle or what is the first order of things to do for a beginner?
  5. spectralio

    Berezino hospital

    Ok thanks for the reply. I have too little food on me to get to status energized probably and no water at all. Guess only thing left for me is to try and face the zombies with little blood and find some food and a water pump
  6. spectralio

    Berezino hospital

    i just found a first aid kit with indeed an empty blood bag in it. I was hoping blood bags would be filled, hospitals do contain blood banks in real life don't they ;). Also it says my leg is painfull, but i'm still able to run, how do i heal this? I just close down the game very quickly again always cause this blurry white-ish screen is giving me a headache. And outside the hospital are a lot of zombies waiting which i do not want to face with so little blood left ..
  7. spectralio

    Berezino hospital

    but my chances of finding a first aid kid in the hospital should be higher right? even in the standalone? My screen is looking very pale right now, makes it hard to spot things. I could use a blood bag
  8. spectralio

    Berezino hospital

    Hey, I've looked around on the internet when i reached berezino cause my screen is getting white-ish (losing blood?). And it said i could find medical supplies in the hospital. I went there but I am unable to locate the 2 boxes (on the roof and at the base of the ladder) where they should spawn. No box is there at all, it's not like someone picked it empty before me or anything. Inside the building i find some charcoil tabs, syringe and vitamins but no first aid kid or bood bags. Are these not spawning anymore or?