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  1. I don't see you can say they are pushing off beta priorities by focusing just on audio and visual patches. You do realise that .60 (the first graphical update) was the implementation of the new renderer allowing for massive fps gains on almost all systems. .61 included the new sound engine and not only changed the way the game sounds but added removed several bugs like gunshots not being heard by players. .62 has now introduced a range of new textures and models to allow the engine to use fewer resources whilst creating a scene as well ass redesigning aspects of.the map to completely change the western border. the renderer and the sound engine were the two easiest parts of the new engine to install (relatively speaking) because they were not intertwined with everything. That's why they were done separately. It's the fact that the remaining modules all depends so heavily on each other that is making .63 such a ball ache. So yeah, on the surface the latest patches are just visual but there's surface of much more that you clearly don't see.
  2. Press g. Chances are something got stuck in your hands and g will throw it out
  3. Look at the stone texture on some floors and you will get a message saying 'search for stones'. Do this until you find a stone, then take the stone into your hands and look at the same texture and it will say 'craft stone knife'. Do this, and you will have a 1 slot knife to open tins, skin and quarter animals/people, cut up rags, cut up bushes for sticks, cut bark off of a tree (combine with 1 stick to make a drill kit that you can use to light fires to cook food) and cut a branch from a tree (used as a melee weapon and also can have meat attached and then 'pose stick towards fire' and wait until it is cooked). Apple trees are pretty common and you can search for apples by walking up to them and selecting the 'search for apples' option. They both hydrate and energise you and are pretty decent food sources. Berries can be poisonous so it's risky imo. Loot the Dean Hall zombies (do a google search) and you will always find a kiwi on them. I seem to be finding a lot of tinned tuna on firemen zombies atm, might be a fluke though. Food frequently spawns in clothes so it's worth looking at them in the inventory screen. Best advice though, move away from the coast. Use an app like isurvive or an online map to help you navigate. Most towns have water pumps to get safe, clean water (just walk up to it with nothing in your hands to drink straight from the pump). A cooking pot, bottle or canteen can be used to hold water by having them in your hands and selecting the same option at the pump. You can drink from any ponds too, although if you are low on health (colours are faded/grey) then you are likely to get cholera which will more than likely kill you. When healthy drinking from them is unlikely to harm you at all. Hope some o those help.
  4. Have you downloaded experimentall on steam? If not, in your library right click dayz. Select properties and then opt in to the beta through one of those options. You'll download the latest experimental patch and be good to go.
  5. It's Wednesday. They do maintenance every Wednesday and have since the game launched. Wait until lunchtime at the latest and it'll be back up.
  6. Don't use experimental as a basis for how the game will be on stable. Experimental has a handful of servers available all of which are full 90+% of the time. the amount of through traffic in all towns is ridiculously high. Compare that to a stable release where a good 40% or more of the servers are less than half full the majority of the time and you'll find that the rarity of loot won't continue. I agree though, a stack of 20 rounds should be a really rare spawn. If you find 5 in one go you should be happy.
  7. And the majority of other posters in that thread say they are meeting more people in land on the routes between those tents. You obviously don't think it's a good idea but until it's on stable and been live for a few weeks no one will be able to say for sure how it's impacting the game
  8. Let's not forget the CLE is to be regionalised meaning high tier weapons and such won't he found on the coast. chances are, once fully implemented, you'll get backpacks, boots, helmets and clothes near the coast. further inland you'll start getting vests and ammo. At the main military locations you'll get standard military weapons and gear and in ttisy the rarest military items.
  9. I was under the impression it's only in experimental as a way of assisting with bug reports and tracking issues in game. as such I really don't see the point in this thread, no offence intended.
  10. Apologies, I assumed as you said hyperthermia in the post that the headline was a typo. Light three or four fires and sit in the middle of them. iirc a single fire doesn't warn you up quickly enough. if you can get a raincoat, firefighter or m65 jacket as they have good thermal properties.
  11. Hyper= too hot Hypo= too cold. Sit in a pond until soaking and don't worry about it. it'll cause you too dehydrate quicker but nothing else.
  12. I thought all buildings had 'useable' fireplaces in them since a few patches ago... Plus there are plenty of small groups of houses around the map both in land and nearer to the edge of the map. Don't see the issue personally.
  13. Nope. Despawns on restart.
  14. Last i heard it ws 45 days because of an issue with resetting the timer when moving gear inside a tent
  15. Why should it take them less than three years? And yes, they are going to be qualified workers and the project leads will likely feel they have enough staff for the development of this title. If they don't then you outsource or hire additional people for the bits you need. I think it's more than a little unfair to slate the competency of the development team because it isn't moving as fast as you want. In recent months the devs have been far more vocal in the reasons behind delays and issues. It's great seeing that increase in transparency. Check out some of the old videos, Chris torchia in particular spike about the difficulty of hiring a large number of new staff to work on the title. Just because the game made money doesn't mean that it should be done quickly, that's not how the real world works.