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  1. Dystopia Clan seeking members!

    Dystopia is a group of members on a RP styled server. We're based off of a UN Platoon that was stuck in Gorka when the outbreak occurred.As we are a military based clan we do have our own chain of command. Were looking for some people that would like to join our ranks. Add one of our recruiters if you're interested. Cpt Strano: http://steamcommunity.com/id/brendan72410/ Sgt Cross: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wymac01/
  2. B2K Looking for DayZ members!

    B2K (Born 2 Kill) is looking for members to be apart of our group. Thats pretty much it. We aren't anything special, if your looking for a group of players to chill with we can surely help you with that. Our teamspeak : ad14th.ts.nfoservers.com
  3. Looking for a small group.

    My Steam iss the same as my Forum account.
  4. The DayZ Millitia

    Application: ? Age: 15 Preferred Position: Rifleman Previous Clan: AZBS HNSC Time Spent Playing Dayz: 75+hrs Timezone: PST Time Able To Dedicate: 15hrs week Special Qualities/Skill: Point & Shoot? Working Microphone?: Yup Country?: Canada Steam Name: Wymac Military Background: Ive been in several A3/A2 units. Reason For Joining: Why not?
  5. Anybody interested?

    Intrested enough!, Hit me up. Steam: Wymac Skype: wymac01
  6. Looking for a small group.

    Hello there, Im looking for a small group to play DayZ SA with. Ive play 60+ hours of the game, And have found its more fun to play with others. Add me on steam. Steam. I have a mic, and im willing to use Teamspeak and or Skype.
  7. Chernarus Police Force -[CPF]-

    Yo id join, Hit me up on steam, Wymac, picture, Us marine
  8. Looking for group

    Mod or Standalone?
  9. The New Dayz Role-play Mod

    Seems interesting.

    Thanks for letting me in.

    Nickname: Wymac or Wyett. Age: 13 Region(Country): Canada (West) Are you willing to be active: As much as I can be. Do you have Teamspeak 3 Including a Microphone: Yes I do. 6. Steam name: Wyett How long have you been playing DayZ: SA: 30h MOD: 50+ How many Clans have you been In: 2 Little bit about yourself: I know i'm younger than I'm supposed to be to join, but ill try my best to be as mature as i can. I'm decently good at DayZ, i know a fair bit about the loot spawns, and a decent amount about Health and Blood. I do prefer to play as a Hero in DayZ. That's all I have to say about myself and, I hope i can join. Are you willing to help your clan in any way, shape or form: Yes I am, I will try my best to help as much as I can.