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  1. benedictus

    Stable Update 1.03.151658

    That's the downside of popularity, you can't please all so you have to take the middle road. Not saying DayZ is particularly popular but the player base got tripled after the "1.0". I hate to admit but I still got hope for the game, only because there no other game like DayZ.
  2. benedictus


    Tell that to the britts. Whole EU is constructed around the biggest players, especially Germany. You are right about the process though. Problem is that people voted with emotion and Cameron hammered the decision without proper plan and then resigned. They forgot the wise words of the Bulldog, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."
  3. benedictus


    As someone who lives in Scandinavia it's common consensus that Norway is doing better without EU, which is true. Throughout the 20th century Norway had stable economy excluding the recession after ww1 (which affected whole Europe and beyond) and when they finally found oil from the North Sea they saw their GPD go up more 2 folds. They were smart, they knew their place, stayed out of EU and kept their independence. For that I (amongst many) take my hat off for Norway. Britts are going to start something great and beautiful if they exit and I truly hope others will follow. One of the last nails for the EU coffin was to allow vagabond countries like Greece and Poland to join the federation. Poland for example gives finger to immigrant policies, climate policies and has weak oversight for food production which they sell inside EU borders, sadly. Top of that they are one of the top net receivers from EU with other eastern block countries. Countries that mainly follow the rules, like Sweden and Finland for example, pay for their living. Everything was forever, until it was no more. Every union and empire has fallen at somepoint, EU is going to fall, what ever the time period is, it's definitely not too soon.
  4. benedictus


    I guess the "Smiley" part in your name is sarcasm.
  5. benedictus

    Future DayZ

    That's why put it in brackets. "(open)".
  6. benedictus

    What happened to Take On Mars ?

    I checked the forums, latest post was from 2018 and the guy was complaining about bugs like path finding and stuff. Hmm, I guess I need to check it out.
  7. Anyone know what happened to it? Latest update is from 2017 so I'm guessing it's dead? I was on the impression it was going to be fully developed so I was waiting for a decent stable version to hop on. Is it worth playing or more importantly is it worth the price tag at it's current state?
  8. benedictus

    Future DayZ

    Actually in most of the "non-super" zombie movies they tend to break the doors open if not barricaded or at least try. Running away from zeds is too easy, them being able to "break" (open) the doors by smashing the door for a while would great!
  9. Personally I don't view DayZ as a zombie game to me it's more of an survival / camping game as I tend to do that in real life as much as possible. Granted, the survival mechanics aren't quite there yet. I know this is becoming a somewhat cliche but it's a sandbox game where you create the scenario. One time we played as Chenarus aboriginals using only bows and we had so much fun and crazy encounters that the session burned into my memory, probably for the rest of my life. There are plenty of variations how to play the game and for me that's the beauty of the game. Bandits and pure KoS players add a ton to the atmosphere of the game when you know there's a good chance somebody is camping the high loot areas or if running trough the city is a good idea.
  10. benedictus

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    What makes you think we are bored? People are still posting and reading the forums. Obviously the post-patch hype isn't there but other than that, it's pretty much down to normal. What happened at Christmas? I think I missed that one.
  11. benedictus

    One way door

    Bolting the door should definitely be an option. Doesn't make much sense if the bolt is outside though.
  12. benedictus

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Many things you mentioned are already in the game or supposedly getting added later, like bears, custom controls and spray paints. Things like cars and bases are supposed to be part of the end game and something that require group effort. Some of the things are straight up silly, like realistic decay on axes or more durable clothes. Quality axes will last for tens of years in real life with little maintenance while your character lifespan is usually counted in hours. Rest can be solved with modding. I suggest you switch to PC.
  13. benedictus

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Nowdays almost every game comes out unfinished, not saying it's an excuse but that's the industry standard. You make a seemingly working product, release it, downsize the crew to cover expenses and fix the bugs along the way. There is also the copy/paste genre where you just use the same engine and same gameplay mechanics over and over again when releasing "new" products. Those tend to work properly.
  14. benedictus

    Night Is Great!

    We probably gonna get the headtorch back and they mentioned about NV goggles. Also there are flashlights for weapons etc. Just hoooooooooold.
  15. benedictus

    Needs Wheelbarrows

    I don't really understand the concept bases either. If I had to pick between "bases" and shelters, I would pick shelters and camps in general just because it just makes more sense. You could still have things like traps, water collectors etc. I don't mind it though, since it's totally optional.