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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    I like how the first thing he says "Oh it's so laggy" Kind of sums up the problem right there but maybe with Enfusion, maybe.
  2. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    I would assume that happens alot when you server hop. Hoppers usually log in into high loot areas and pick empty or low player count servers.
  3. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    People are expecting to see the 2nd coming of Jesus once .63 hits the servers. Like always, people will be disappointed.
  4. Use of Masks

    Just checking since we were talking about "HC" gameplay.
  5. Use of Masks

    I assuming you are talking about ingame voice communication? Which is the way the game was intended.
  6. A new running animation please!

    I think the running animations were better before they changed it to the monkey walk. Whatever version it was, can't remember. But honestly I would be fine with the playermodels rollerskating around the Chenarus if we get the reduced speed and limping etc features are added. Which we are going to get, thank god.
  7. Ball to play football/soccer

    Poker or any other card game would be nice! Chess has also been mentioned couple times before. The game definitely needs something to get your mid off from the apocalypse!
  8. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Fully functioning single player experience with simple mechanics with a coop play mode. How does that compare with the idea of DayZ? Part of me dies inside everytime is see DayZ compared to games like PUBG.
  9. DayZ Map (offline)

    First of all you can only learn the map once and eventually you will. Lowering the learning curve for new players by having internet maps is great. Once you learn the map, you don't need internet maps. It has nothing to do with high loot servers or anything of that sort.
  10. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Truth is that their are being more than kind to let you play the game free for 2 hours. I don't see why they even give refunds unless the game is broken or unplayable somehow.
  11. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Well I don't really know how long you can play until you can't refund anymore but if Steam is willing to refund products it's their problem. It's the easiest way to test the game out.
  12. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    Buy and try. Refund if you don't like.
  13. .63 ETA ?

    Personally I've never encountered a hacker in PUBG in EU servers. Everybody talks about them though. That's probably the reason why everybody thinks the game is ran by hackers. Then again, I don't believe I have ever played a multiplayer game that didn't have hackers. That's just life.
  14. Basebuilding

    Ending on the video doesn't make sense. The moment modding comes out that whole point is invalid even though it seems like it's the main point of the video. I mean, I'm not trying to defend anything or anyone here, but most of those "dayz is dead, the day dayz died, etc" videos are rather clickbaits than objective views of the game.
  15. Basebuilding

    Most likely, there have already been iterations where we had wire traps and mines. But I highly doubt there will be any automated defense, like turrets. Maybe a dog collar and a post, so we can have a our favorite infected guarding the base. Pitfalls filled with zombies/spikes would be great but I doubt we will be able to dig any holes into the ground.