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  1. [ Feature Request] Dayz Smart Spawns

    Honestly can't remember it happening. Except when playing in a group of course. Just don't logout in populated areas or in towns even. Find a remote bush and log out there.
  2. Stress Test vol.34

    I stand corrected. Hopefully that's true.
  3. Stress Test vol.34

    Fishing is not going to be in the game this year, neither will the game be released.
  4. Donald Trump

    I doubt Putin would envy Trump even if Trump had most power in the world.
  5. Arcteryx LEAF as Tier 1 Military gear

    1) Everything is not as it was 2 years ago. Also I don't think clothes can be addressed as content. Although I don't mind seeing more fashion further along the road. 2) What do you mean? Tarkov haven't really added anything significant in ages and technically neither have SC, although it has the potential to be the most massive in-depth space mmo ever. That being said, all 3 are great games and all of them are very different from each other so comparing them isn't going to lead anywhere and adding game objects into the world doesn't really count as content. Unless it's something like.. the greatest car ever made. Yes, I'm talking about Lada Niva.
  6. .63 Combat System

    I think Escape form Tarkov did an excellent job when it comes to inventory management, especially reloading your guns. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that in DayZ, having clips on your vests/pockets to reload your gun with one button.
  7. Looking for a game! HELP!

    Nono, It's a "side scrolling" game where you send your troops to the opposite side to destroy the enemy base. It's not a browser game either. EDIT: Found it!! (Wasn't actually a side scroller, my bad) The game is called Warfare Online! Fun small game, I suggest it to everyone. EDIT2: " Warfare Online was shut down on October 1st, 2017. Thankyou to all that played and supported the game during it's brief time online. It was shut down due to it not being sustainable. We currently don't have any plans to bring it back or move it to other platforms. " :(
  8. So I've been browsing trough the internet for the past 2 hours typing in different keywords trying to find a certain game. So it's a side scrolling real-time multiplayer "strategy" game with modern warfare setting. It's very similar to that Guns up game maybe a little bit simpler. If I recall right it was US vs Russia with different soldiers and tanks like T-70 and Abrams. I'm dying here at work pls somebody save me! edit: It's a pretty new game I think, last time I played it, it was in beta.
  9. Where is the DayZ population?

    DayZ should never be a BR game, never said that. In general, game needs to be a BR game for it to get easy sells, aka blow up.
  10. .63 Combat System

    Every night I go to sleep I tell to my self that it's just a placeholder and it will be gone. I don't want to be playing on a modded server in future just because of this.
  11. Where is the DayZ population?

    How so? Zombies are still in fashion or BR games aren't popular?
  12. Where is the DayZ population?

    Zombies getting out of fashion. It needs to be a BR game to blow up now.
  13. Where is the DayZ population?

    Ok since it keeps flying over your head, lets replace the concept of gold bars with a concept of a great game you valued high once you bought it. You say forgotten, do you mean that they might be coming back if/once the game is released because that's not what we are talking about neither it being a scam or no scam. You seem disappointed and it feels like you let your emotions do the talking rather than your rational thinking.
  14. Where is the DayZ population?

    How so? Would it make any difference if it was just 1 gold bar? The concept stays the same, the value you put on the product is in your own hands. 1 million dollars was used to create clear contrast.
  15. Stamina and energy levels?

    Talking about indicators any idea if the stamina bar is going to stay as the way it is? All the other indicators we have are quite vague in terms of information. Stamina bar gives a visually calculable information. It isn't necessarily a bad thing just thinking in the lines of the game in general. ot: I like telling my self that coffee is going to be in game. Boosting stamina 1% for 30mins or whatever and bringing you body heat up. Good times.