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  1. .63 ETA ?

    Personally I've never encountered a hacker in PUBG in EU servers. Everybody talks about them though. That's probably the reason why everybody thinks the game is ran by hackers. Then again, I don't believe I have ever played a multiplayer game that didn't have hackers. That's just life.
  2. Basebuilding

    Ending on the video doesn't make sense. The moment modding comes out that whole point is invalid even though it seems like it's the main point of the video. I mean, I'm not trying to defend anything or anyone here, but most of those "dayz is dead, the day dayz died, etc" videos are rather clickbaits than objective views of the game.
  3. Basebuilding

    Most likely, there have already been iterations where we had wire traps and mines. But I highly doubt there will be any automated defense, like turrets. Maybe a dog collar and a post, so we can have a our favorite infected guarding the base. Pitfalls filled with zombies/spikes would be great but I doubt we will be able to dig any holes into the ground.
  4. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    The word realism is being thrown around too much here. In the end it's a game and before we are able to be fully connected with a machine allowing us to share the emotions, feelings and such you really can't talk about realism. The game is packed with unrealistic stuff and to be honest the game would suck ***** if it was trying to be exactly like real life. With that in mind keep your head while wishing for realism.
  5. Future of public hive servers

    Could you explain? It is basically the same experience without server hopping.
  6. Please remove the Gamma option.

    One thing I have noticed that streamers usually turn the gamma up when its dark or dusky, otherwise otherwise the viewers can't see anything. Also tempering with view distance helps you to see people behind bushes/trees. I'm sure there's even more similar things that I cant think of now. It's your decision if you want to break the immersion but I don't think these things can really be forced by the devs.
  7. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Or just wait for release. I'm sure someone will make a mod without weapons and zombies, only different flowers that people can throw at each other while dancing in circles and singing kumbayah.
  8. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    That's the thing, selling products before they are finished gives you more room to fail, because it won't be so much a disaster economically (unless all the money have already been spent). It's a bit different when you search for investors because they wont take the risk if there ain't going to be almost guaranteed profits. I kind of hear you on the argument of the danger when people saying that they already got their moneys worth from it and it decreasing the effort of developers but if the product wasn't available to large audiences from early on the devs would have more pressure to make a killer product before it's released to masses. Nevertheless I have got fun out of DayZ for the moneys worth and I honestly believe these kind of comments would (should) drive the devs to go forward with the product when they know that they already done something right.
  9. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    A lot has changed from the times of alphas and betas being limited to only handful of lucky people that applied into them or got the key some other way. Now that we have stuff like kickstarter and other crowdfundings it's easier to start developing stuff (games, movies, backpacks looking like ballsacks etc) with the money you've otherwise wouldn't have. Some have made a bank and ran with the money, some have just failed and some of them have made successful products.
  10. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    So your friend programmed an engine from scratch made a map as big as Chenarus+ with as many objects and different land shapes etc and also made it so that everything works in multiplayer? Sounds like your friend is something special and Bohemia would have use for him, make him apply so we can have the perfect engine! Edit: This conversation should be continued in another thread, this isn't the place for it, like I said.
  11. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    First, this isn't the right topic for these kind of posts. Second, if you would actually read tweets/posts from the devs you would (maybe) understand whats going on. Also saying that they have ignored community suggestions just shows that you have no clue what you talking about. Ha
  12. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    You could be right but then again 10 minutes is not that long like you said. No matter what rig, there will be hundreds of players trying to connect at the same time and by logic the ones with slower rigs will be the first ones to fall from the queue.
  13. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I think that people with good rigs can get in a lot easier (salt), even if I spam enter like you said I think I just cant get into the loading screen fast enough. Meanwhile others get in relatively fast. That's something that can't be fixed unless I upgrade my rig. Waiting for the stable patch, I don't want to break my enter key.
  14. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    No it doesn't need to be tested more than anything else.