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  1. benedictus

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Nowdays almost every game comes out unfinished, not saying it's an excuse but that's the industry standard. You make a seemingly working product, release it, downsize the crew to cover expenses and fix the bugs along the way. There is also the copy/paste genre where you just use the same engine and same gameplay mechanics over and over again when releasing "new" products. Those tend to work properly.
  2. benedictus

    Night Is Great!

    We probably gonna get the headtorch back and they mentioned about NV goggles. Also there are flashlights for weapons etc. Just hoooooooooold.
  3. benedictus

    Needs Wheelbarrows

    I don't really understand the concept bases either. If I had to pick between "bases" and shelters, I would pick shelters and camps in general just because it just makes more sense. You could still have things like traps, water collectors etc. I don't mind it though, since it's totally optional.
  4. benedictus

    Needs Wheelbarrows

    That's the whole idea. Base building is part of the "end game" that requires team effort and the use of vehicles. That is if you want to build into a secluded spot.
  5. benedictus

    Is it too late for this game

    Yeah things like trying to apply a bandage multiple times because it would work or dropping item to the ground just to make it dissapear. Zombies running trough walls. etc. Man those were the dayzz.
  6. benedictus

    Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    So you totally ignored my suggestion of looking at the game from different perspective I'm gonna tackle you here. Unless avoiding player interaction is considered as player interaction, in your words the people who play lone wolf or only groups are missing the core gameplay? People wanna go out and create a certain character, like full adidas gopnik killer who shoots everyone in their sights. ? It's a sandbox game where you and the other players create the game. It doesn't require interaction with other players. You can play the game in a way you want to play it. If you don't believe me, try it. It's also rare to find a person that you hit it off so well that it becomes memorable moment / session. Usually the conversation revolves around finding a place/player or asking for items.
  7. benedictus

    Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    They might be playing the wrong game then. Let me tell you a very short story about a friend of mine who complained that Fallout 4 is too easy. Looked at him for two seconds and asked him if he could use he's own set of rules instead of playing with the best end game loot available. He Said no and we changed the subject. If the featureless, incomplete version of a sandbox game doesn't offer you any challenge maybe you are playing the wrong game or just playing it wrong?
  8. benedictus

    Exp Update 0.63.148873

    Oh, haven't happened to me yet granted I haven't logged in many hours for the past month.
  9. benedictus

    Exp Update 0.63.148873

    I haven't played 3pp but I heard there's some kind of gun alignment problem when you go ads, the gun points into wrong direction. Maybe these are related?
  10. benedictus

    [ Feature Request] Dayz Smart Spawns

    Honestly can't remember it happening. Except when playing in a group of course. Just don't logout in populated areas or in towns even. Find a remote bush and log out there.
  11. benedictus

    Stress Test vol.34

    I stand corrected. Hopefully that's true.
  12. benedictus

    Stress Test vol.34

    Fishing is not going to be in the game this year, neither will the game be released.
  13. benedictus

    Donald Trump

    I doubt Putin would envy Trump even if Trump had most power in the world.
  14. benedictus

    Arcteryx LEAF as Tier 1 Military gear

    1) Everything is not as it was 2 years ago. Also I don't think clothes can be addressed as content. Although I don't mind seeing more fashion further along the road. 2) What do you mean? Tarkov haven't really added anything significant in ages and technically neither have SC, although it has the potential to be the most massive in-depth space mmo ever. That being said, all 3 are great games and all of them are very different from each other so comparing them isn't going to lead anywhere and adding game objects into the world doesn't really count as content. Unless it's something like.. the greatest car ever made. Yes, I'm talking about Lada Niva.
  15. benedictus

    .63 Combat System

    I think Escape form Tarkov did an excellent job when it comes to inventory management, especially reloading your guns. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that in DayZ, having clips on your vests/pockets to reload your gun with one button.