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  1. I have ran around for 6-8 hours, going from hot spot to hot spot and never encountering anyone, this on full servers, with 15+ man queue's to get on them, if this happened only once in a while it would be a non issue, but the truth is it doesn't, it happens quite a bit .
  2. Ninefingers

    Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    I pretty much agree with your "missed opportunity", by the time DayZ is finally released, it will be irrelevant, the hype is dead, and long since gone, a lot of the issues you've mentioned (like the infected) I am not sure will ever be resolved, they recently reworked the audio for them, and I quite frankly think the mod infected sounded better, how is that even possible? we are all still waiting for this game to live up to it's potential, which it may or may not actually do, if all these issues, AI pathing, colliding, shody mocap infected animations, no variation in the way they all run at you when aggroed, the new infected audio that sound totally unprofessional, if these all remain unresolved I do not see them living up to the massive potential we all know this game has, not only will they not recapture the older players attention, but they will also fail to attract new players in . That being said I still trust Bohemia as a long time Arma player, I know they will do right by the community, and what they will not get right modders will, and that will attract some of the old mod players back atleast . I played pretty much every variation of DayZ mod, from Vanilla, to Epoch and Overpoch/Overwatch, to the more hardcore one's like Day Zero (which was my go to, FPP is my bae) and Edict on Arma 3, and for all the improvements that we have seen in Standalone, and there are tons, there is one thing that I feel never was recaptured or improved, something that actually regressed, call it nostalgia, or rose tinted glasses, but a lot of the mods gameplay mechanics are still vastly superior, and made the game addictive, I was hooked the first time I played the mod, and each and every one of my 4K hours... I know I will get bashed for saying this, this is my opinion though, agree with it, disagree with it, it is all the same, so feel free to bash away .
  3. Mate, totally understood what you were meaning, as far as I am concerned you have been here since day one, and you have supported and believed through thick and thin, honestly I wish I had such strong convictions left, we must not be made out of the same material, where you are willing to bend I have broken long ago, I still believe in the potential of this game, I just no longer believe it will be delivered in full, and more importantly that the ship has long past sailed . I sincerely wish I am proven wrong by the talented developpers at Bohemia
  4. Honestly on a forum it doesn't, if you think having thousands of messages counts towards something and that you will be rewarded anything for your time and effort you will be sorely disappointed . I do understand your point of view though, I have also been around for a while, and gave my feed back countless times to the devs through other platforms, I have followed every patch and played extensively through each and every one, yet I still understand that people may be misinformed, uninformed? and that they would not know every detail pertaining to development, it has been a hot minute after all, that being said I have only respect for passionate people like yourself that are present and supportive every step of the way, I myself am just another guy that loved DayZ and is losing hope of ever seeing it arrive to it's full potential, call me a pessimist, I know what has been said on the dev front, and that we will finally be seeing things that were very long in gestation come to fruition, but still I will believe it when I see it, it is time to deliver now, I still do not believe we will be seeing much until at the very least another year .
  5. Ninefingers

    Where is the DayZ population?

    Keep in mind a lot of people have been playing this game for years and years, have thousands of hours played, the likely hood of some older blasé players coming back is there, the likely hood of them sticking around after doing the usual reinstall Dayz Experimental test new update, depends entirely on the devs and them actually delivering on what we have all been waiting for . I am one of said players, I have played thousands of hours of Standalone and I always come back to test new patches, that being said nowadays I usually play a week before going back to what other game is my go to, I truly want DayZ to be a success, and as far as I am concerned I had loads of fun playing, still do from time to time, can I sink as much time into the game now? not really, I played on most big PvP servers, I played on RP servers like DayZ RP and Underground, I played on my own private server, I have lone wolfed, played with clans etc etc, and I have even more hours played on the numerous ARMA 2/3 DayZ mods, what I am getting at is a lot of us have played the crap out of this game, and we have seen all there is to see, done most of what there is to do and it will take something truly special from the devs to recapture that magic and make the game feel fresh again . Will I be there if that happens ? hell yeah, will it hold my attention for another few thousand hours, probably not, maybe with mods? I truthfully do not know .
  6. Going to play devils advocate here and say this, white knighting and being apologetic to a fault never helped move things forward either, being positive is one thing, the other two are just as bad as being a harsh critic, or a whiny entitled cry baby . When it comes to games and/or tastes we all have our own opinions and expectations, you nor I, nor anyone else's opinion carries more weight than any one else's here, so keeping an open mind and accepting we might not all agree on everything, and being civil is key, so not labeling another's opinions as "waa waa" threads, but possibly valid concerns from another individual with his or her own equally valid opinions, if ignoring them works for you by all means feel free to continue doing just that, but if people can no longer discuss, argument, or voice their appreciations or concerns on a forum without getting bashed or branded as a cry baby or a white knight, then maybe people need to realize that is what forums are mostly for, communicating, discussing, arguing, if all of us agreed all of the time there would be no need for a forum, we would also probably be more AI than man at that point too . ^^
  7. Ninefingers

    Where is the DayZ population?

    Sadly this, it is overly optimistic to expect everyone to return, it simply will not happen, we'd already be lucky to get half the players back and even that is a stretch .
  8. This video has been posted time and time again, it breaks it down very nicely . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7zoVIsIT2A
  9. Weeks not months, haha sorry couldn't resist :P
  10. FPP or bust, switched to FPP in Day Zero mod for Arma 2 and never looked back, I cannot play 3PP anymore, in Arma, Dayz or PUBG it is just disgusting to me, floating camera, that is abused to get information risk free, in FPP you need to expose yourself to get information, which makes the action way more tense, it also gives more meaning to flanking maneuvers, and things like suppressive fire, which are pretty much useless in 3PP when people see you moving from perfect safety, or can prefire a corner accurately while being suppressed or without you being even aware they were there, it is just dumb, this is my personal opinion, to each their own .
  11. Ninefingers

    The state of current gameplay

    Like I said the biggest problem at the moment is the 12x speed, has it been confirmed this affects food and hydration levels? a lot of people have implied it does, in which case it makes sens . That being said I am a long time player with thousands of hours played, I do not have issues gearing up or finding food (even after a long break), as I know the map like the back of my hand, the problem I am seeing is new players struggling and not enjoying their first DayZ experience, I still remember mine on the mod as one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had . Many players first impressions of DayZ right now will flat out suck, spawn in already dying, loot mostly empty houses, gets mauled by a zed and die of starvation/dehydration, rinse repeat... for newcomers this is daunting and doesn't show the game under the best light, more often than not a players first experience in DayZ is decisive on whether he will play it again .
  12. Ninefingers

    The state of current gameplay

    Nah I have no problem having to stop eat and drink, I even said making food rarer would be a better option, than having to eat 6+ tins to restore yourself, the problem comes from the gameplay loop, again making food rarer (and more effective) is a better gameplay mechanic (imo) than having to constantly eat and scavenge for your next meal, (I am exaggerating the issue a bit) but yeah you get the gist of it, I also realize that this is most likely due to the 12x accelerated time we have at the moment, either way when they put the servers back to normal speed there will be a problem, as you will never need to eat ... I am just surprised that they haven't nailed down this specific aspect of the game after so many years of alpha testing and collecting data, just seems weird to me .
  13. Ninefingers

    The state of current gameplay

    double post
  14. Ninefingers

    The state of current gameplay

    Agreed, tweaking and adjusting should be a constant when they have not found the right balance for "good" gameplay .
  15. Ninefingers

    The state of current gameplay

    I did not claim that, atm finding food is a non issue as there is no sickness in the game, it is the fact that the devs still haven't found the formula that is worrisome, gameplay>everything else, even if you have all the food and water you need, having to drink and eat all the time is a pretty lousy game mechanic, I'd much rather food be rarer, but you need less of it, one tin = a decent meal, 2 tins a feast, and then you're sorted for the next couple hours, it just isn't fun gameplay wise, when they add sickness back in, it will be even more of a chore .