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    Soldier for a very long time now
  1. bad joke

    LOL I'm laughing ha ha ha ha aha choke.........
  2. Binary Firefight Part 2

    As always nice..... Good job
  3. 0.61 PvP Shorts - Episode 5

    Nice as always Astros, good job
  4. hey Beav, love your vids like your thoughts about the game. been is game from the start and still love it all patches have my way and change my way for each patch. but all ways come back.
  5. Is this bannable?

    first step showing you next step showing all, then all gear in vicinity mmmmmm wait done before .........................................TROLL
  6. Love your vids keep it up

    1. The_Real_MyDingaling


      Thanks m8. That is very kind of you.

  7. The Legend of Ned Kelly

    I lived my young life their loved it
  8. The rigth side of my neck hurts

    Trying to get your post up damclaz lol
  9. The true feeling of achievement & Survival

    Yep, I had a spawn from before 55, was hiding watching and doing my own thing. Made as mistake (secretly bored?) died. Start again survived on berries for an hour or so moving north like I do, now geared up and still having fun avoid infected, get food water run mmm back to something to do. Always need to get pack or weapon ammo, food, water always some need ,,,,,,not some want Love the new patch
  10. This town is coming like a ghost town.

    hang up north, Stalking players still the same amount I see every playtime. If you need interaction go to the Island been watching players cross a lot
  11. Loot is extremenly broken at the moment

    I have not had a prob, heaps food and ammo, but I am very north in my love spot. And no Zombies
  12. North of Balota, that barn is a nice hub of activity, closing to the Base>>>>>>> :)