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  1. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I personally would like to see something perhaps a little more structured in DayZ. I'm probably in the minority, but i'd like to see side missions or some kind of objective-based gameplay.
  2. 1, Is Ragdoll in the game any more? I know it was in but has it been removed? 2, Are aombie animations going to be improved? They all use the same animation cycle and that one cycle itself doesnt look "great". 3, Are Crawling Zombies stil in the game? Not see any of late. 4, Some of the textures still look really rough. Are these going to be improved? Some of the buildings and for example the airfield runway texture look really bad. 5, What is the final playercount target? Will it be raised from 60? Increased playercount? 6, One last small thing, some of the trees look too bright and really stick out. They also have massive "pop-in" when the shadow drops and also when the model changes. Can this be altered? Thanks.
  3. I completely agree, the melee system is truly horrendous. It feels broken. My "dream" is to have melee combat like it is in Left 4 Dead. That got melee really right in terms of ease of use and predictability etc.
  4. About the new .60 performance comparison

    Really is no need for the bitter response my friend. I do read the status reports but I don't memorize every single one. Also, I never suggested they needed to do the texturing next, I was just suggesting "is it on the cards?" Doesn't really matter when, but is it on the list of "things to do?" Thanks for the reply though.
  5. About the new .60 performance comparison

    I think double performance over the old renderer isn't too bad a result for the first version of the DX11 renderer. I would think with further optimisation of the map, there might be even more performance to gain. One thing about the map, some of the textures are painfully low-res. I haven't read anything at all about the state of the texture mapping. For instance, the runway texture used at the airports / air bases, it looks like something from a game about 20 years back. Some other textures look ok, but some could really use an update, like a lot of the floor textures in warehouses / hangars. Again, the reason I ask is because ive read nothing about updating the environment in terms of texture, the only thing ive caught is the conversations about the actual renderer itself. Thanks, Ben.
  6. DayZ City FPS

    I get lows of 16 in cities. Really bad...
  7. Dayz Reviews on Steam

    I think if I wrote my true feelings on Dayz, I would probably be banned here. Lets say that my views aren't that different from the majority of those recent Steam reviews I have just been reading.
  8. Is being able to run up hills still on the list?
  9. Most frustrating way you have died?

    I fell through one of those high metal narrow walkway things in a factory after I took my gun out.
  10. whats the plan for optimization?

    I'm pinning all my hopes on the new renderer.
  11. Should guns spawn loaded?

    I think a bit of both. Make it random.
  12. Dirty building interiors

    Completely agree with the OP. A lot of those suggestions would go a long way to adding atmosphere to the game. I love the crows suggestion, they swhould peck the dead bodies. Reminds me of Resident Evil 1, back when it was actually a decent game.
  13. Any news on the new renderer? It was slated for Q1 or Q2 of 2015 but we have heard nothing...?
  14. Stable Branch - 0.54 Discussion

    I've never seen players lagging as much as I've seen tonight. Same server I'm always on, players warping back and forward.