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  1. New server just went live so feel free to come on in for some fun. For the team speak and rules just hop on over and check out the steam group or web page http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SpeculationRP https://www.speculationrp.com/ Server IP - Team speak -chi-voice2.fragnet.net:10025 This is a no KOS server with role play encouraged but it's not a must. Pretty easy goin server , no whitelists or 5 page signup applications. Just bring yourself or your group or what ever ya got handy and have a good time. Hope to see ya in game.
  2. 3 At Veresnik

    Wanted to add a few videos to the gallery. Here is the 1st one. Hope everyone likes it.
  3. Does Cooking Still Work?

    Well i know eating cooked meat gets you sick , So thats broken. I'm not sure if cooked fish will get you sick. The only way i was able to cook anything was by roasting it on a stick. I'm going to try and cook on the camping stove. I'll let ya know if it works.
  4. Experimental server group or clan(s)?

    Whats your steam name ? I'll add you. We have a TS. We play exp everyday , like 4-5 guys.
  5. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Don't think so . They happen at 8am & 8pm EST
  6. Looking for more players for our squad!

    What one are you guys in Jer ? The MOD or SA. I'm EST time zone too and usually play those hours. but have no crew to roll with. I play the MOD Vanilla usually. So if ya need another body for the Mod , lemmi know.