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    Getting started

    I've been playing several hours of night a few days ago... easy scavenging. A lot of fun. Got a gun, hunted and cooked some sheep, finally got a compass that turned my world 270 degrees... I’ve been looking on a map now and can’t figure out where the hell I’ve been. Definitely going to have an eye on it the next time I play to determine where the two starting areas I’ve been to is. I thought I had went across Chernarus but it seems I’ve actually only moved a few kilometres. Seems it would take about six hours to walk across Chernarus based on the map size? I’m hoping to play a bit more day now then stock up during the nights and then start playing on a bit more populated servers, then dive into mods. Seems DayZ should last a good while.
  2. ssnneeaakkiieerr

    Getting started

    I believe I've figured out most in-game things but still wonder about the servers and such.
  3. ssnneeaakkiieerr

    Getting started

    Okay, on my fifth guy total I finally got lucky and managed to sneak into a barn and found two guns, some cans, then when my water meter was all empty I finally managed to find a soda and also outran several zombies today. Anyways then I had to quit and what happens when you do? In the videos I’ve seen it seems equipment is kept between servers, what about vanilla mod? If I join the same server again will I still have everything? That’s a question I’ve been curious about too. Also can you only carry one big gun? Tweaking your settings also seems troublesome in Day-Z. I can max everything in ARMA3 with about 3200 view distance and 40-60 fps but in Day-Z I currently have 1600 view distance and everything maxed except for anti-aliasing, ATOC, HDR and post-processing. I'm hoping I'll be able to tweak those up and still maintain about 50 fps though. I’ve a 4770/770. Should do better really.
  4. ssnneeaakkiieerr

    Getting started

    In other word this game is hard as hell and I'm going to have to scavenge on the move basically? :p By the way what's all this "Epoch"... "Takistan".... I'm aware Takistan is a map but in Day-Z Commander there's all sorts of stuff to download. Are they mod sets of some sort that certain servers run? Also are ANY houses enterable? So far I’ve only seen some barns that have been enterable and that was sort of a disappointment since in the stand alone basically everywhere seems enterable. Without many enterable buildings scavenging is going to be hard as hell.
  5. ssnneeaakkiieerr

    Getting started

    Hey, I’ve just bought the old ARMAs because of the sale and was wondering how to get into Day-Z well. I’ve already installed everything using Day-Z Commander and managed to join my first empty server OK. I had visions of scavenging undisturbed but was naturally overrun by zombies everywhere and without any weapons at all I died without having any chance in hell basically. I would like to get to know this game without any big guides and discover things on my own as much as I can. So first of all I’m curious if joining empty servers is a good strategy or not? There are tons of zombies everywhere it seems. Should I try again until I encounter an area where I can scavenge or is it meaningless to try because zombies spawn absolutely everywhere? Maybe it’s better to join a server where the players have shot out some zombies already? Or do you have to take massive chances and scavenge even as zombies are chasing you? Second I’m curious about how to choose servers. Does it work selecting any server or is that a sure way to encounter massive hackers? Thanks.