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  1. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

    This kind of crap should be banned, burned and killed.. to death.
  2. The Hooligan- DAYZ KILLZ

    So you shot a lot of unsuspecting people in the back, I thought "pvp encounters" would have been more real gunfights. Some cool kills in there though, good job.
  3. Best Advice for new players

    This was really helpful, thank you.
  4. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    I experienced this issue aswell, pressing G (throw) seemed to have worked for me
  5. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Had a 1h session without a crash. 1 thing I noticed is that I couldn't loot any of the infected I killed.
  6. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    First time I got on a server I was able to play about 15 minutes without crashing. After that it got worse, 5 minutes, a few minutes.. just as @DeadlySlob described. I also experienced my character being pushed by the infected in a weird way. Positive things was that the actionbar seemed to be very responsive and that I really felt like not looting a few houses because the infected really felt like a threat. oh and the new audio and lightning technology, wow!
  7. Herbalism in DayZ - Complete Herbs and Medicinal Plants List

    I think the Cannabis plant would fit perfectly in this category, the most underrated medicinal/healing plant on earth :P
  8. How To Find Love In a Zombie Apocalypse - Trailer

    Awesome :) You sir have got my beans! :thumbsup:
  9. I agree. I want to smoke cannabis sativa around a campfire with my buddies.