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  1. This kind of crap should be banned, burned and killed.. to death.
  2. So you shot a lot of unsuspecting people in the back, I thought "pvp encounters" would have been more real gunfights. Some cool kills in there though, good job.
  3. This was really helpful, thank you.
  4. I experienced this issue aswell, pressing G (throw) seemed to have worked for me
  5. Had a 1h session without a crash. 1 thing I noticed is that I couldn't loot any of the infected I killed.
  6. First time I got on a server I was able to play about 15 minutes without crashing. After that it got worse, 5 minutes, a few minutes.. just as @DeadlySlob described. I also experienced my character being pushed by the infected in a weird way. Positive things was that the actionbar seemed to be very responsive and that I really felt like not looting a few houses because the infected really felt like a threat. oh and the new audio and lightning technology, wow!
  7. I think the Cannabis plant would fit perfectly in this category, the most underrated medicinal/healing plant on earth :P
  8. Awesome :) You sir have got my beans! :thumbsup:
  9. I agree. I want to smoke cannabis sativa around a campfire with my buddies.