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    Stress Test vol.12

    here is the pic i got from the error that is stopping dayz from running ater the 3.7 gig update.https://gyazo.com/cc2420359fd4cd8c7fa38b164f2e213b says failed to open privacy text.
  2. twojz

    Two annoying bugs, any ideas?

    I have run into that same problem as well from time to time. for me when the item gets stuck on the cursor trying to drop an item of to the right of the screen, I just move the cursor to the left side of screen where it shows items on the floor and ( edit sorry not right click ) but click the left mouse button and the item then drops onto ground.
  3. after the November 11th maintenance 1-55 did not come back till about 2 days later ( thought you where talking about that time frame) but I see in another post I did not catch that it was the oct 20th time frame. yea on that one the server went dark for about a week or more not sure on time frame. when it went away I started to use a 2-1 server that I think was gameservers?
  4. yea when 1-55 went dark I thought all my goods was gone as well. but once the server did come back up the camp was still in place
  5. twojz

    memory leak + non-persistent inventory

    not sure if this might help, but I was driving in a truck yesterday when I got that memory crash issue going on, I did not close the box that popped up showing the error and I just restarted dayz and my guy was still alive but was placed about 20 to 30 feet in front of the truck and a little to the left. I know if you close the error box and restart the game it does not show your character at the main menu screen.