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  1. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    My observations, so far: - FPS show 40, but seems like 20FPS - Items icons invisible in the gear - When walking inside the buildings/houses, seems like we have a little of desync/lag - Footsteps sound direction/proximity of zombies is kinda weird. Not sure if is the correct direction/proximity. (My headset is 7.1)
  2. When will we see the weapons spawning with attachments?
  3. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    " I think the icons should reflect that using color hues that indicate a general level of hunger/thirst/health but do not give away exact values." - YES, PLEASE! This is much better.
  4. New Zombies

    Please Devs, say something about the future of zombies respawn system!
  5. About Zombies

    Last year Dean Hall talked about the issue of zombies respawn. The initial idea was you be able to "clean" an area (killing all the zombies). And for that to happen, after you kill an zombie, other zombie would respawn in some other area away from the place of death. What are your plans about this? This respawn system is still in development programming? (Sorry about my broken english)
  6. New renderer

    Grass draw distance is one of the things that really bother me, I hope you (BI) can implement the DX12 to greatly improve the distance rendering of grass. :thumbsup:
  7. What this is about

    He said the new renderer is done to use in the atual DX (DX9 (30-40% increase fps without multithreaded)), and after this, they will start work of upgrading the tech to support new DX version (11 or 12, who knows?). (sorry about my broken english)
  8. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    I'm not saying I hate zombies, I'm just saying I hate sprinter crazy zombies that run faster then you and don't let you do nothing in the game. If I want to see crazy and fast zombies I play Left 4 Dead. I think the game is not about running away from zombies, is about interact with another players, and survival is a dificult task for everyone. Me and others friends always said, the zombie need to be slower but very harder. You know, zombies only die from a bullet on the head. In any zombie movie, one bite and you are dead, but zombies are very slow and stupid, so you need to think what you gonna do, where you gonna go, and when you gonna do, before exit a "safehouse". In my point of view, the player need to enter in a city with fear, but not fear of a zombi see him and need to runaway from the city because that zombie will persuit him for 2 km. But fear of been hit from a zombie and mostly, fear of others players know where he is, because some bunch of zombie are WALKING in to his position. Ok, I know, I'm only a player, but just try to remember last year when some update change the zombie speed. I don't know if you have the numbers, but a lot of players stop to play the original dayz mod and start to play epoch and others mods.
  9. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    The new update was the worst dayz update until now. Despite the joy in seeing new items and cities, the zombies ruined any possibility of fun. I tried to play for a few hours but it was impossible. I like to enter in the cities and search of each available item and walking very cautiously for any other players don't see me. Now its impossible to enter in any town. because zombies sprinters kicking you out of there. I understand that have some players who think the fun is in the zombies, but for the vast majority of us, the real fun is in the fear of be found from other players. To show this, just look at the mod and see how few servers were PvE and how many were PvP. Now, I gonna wait and hope for the next update correct the speed of the zombies. Because I think the most players prefer extremely strong zombies that kill you in two hits but are slow and easy to run away, of sprinters zombies who kick you out of any city and decrease the chances of finding other players.