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  1. Many thanks for this awesome info Baty! really really appriciated
  2. Im curious about this too, Baty?
  3. Thanks for the Update :( :( :(
  4. Thank you very much! This is always very appreciated
  5. Hello Sumrak :) first things first great work youve done and your team, personally cant wait to see some changes on the Map near future. Are underground caves, mines or bunkers planned and even possible to create? More Islands? maybe? :D Possible to expand the Map in the future? What will happen with the debug area? will it stay clear of objects? Will it ever be possible to enter or get it blocked by objects at one point?
  6. What is the most difficult/complex Animation you have done for DayZ so far? And why? How many different Animations are currently available and how many will there be approximately?
  7. There are some really good fixes right there! good job guys
  8. Yes i also did spend all my time while playing since the patch is out just to find the backpack, went over several military areas multiple times and no success. What i think is it either spawns at heli crashes or theres an issue with the spawn.
  9. discussion

    Wait what? really? i seem to missed that completly, thats cool
  10. discussion

    After they fixed the Apple Tree bug they really have to think about the % chance you getting an apple out of an tree, or a berrie out of an bush, or a rock out of the ground... in my opinion the chance is too damn low at the moment. MAybe if the chance getting an apple wouldnt be that rare maybe they would use the tree correctly instead of using the glitch, but who knows.
  11. Looking foward to help you guys too.
  12. My first character after downloading the update died while logging in, he just fell down. After respawning character broke his legs after spawning :D
  13. Ive noticed and many others too that it seems like towns are very well opimized now but in the forrest areas you get a huge drop of FPS, between cherno and pusta for example i get on high setting below 30 FPS while getting 50-60 in cherno. Something isnt right, might need a check
  14. Since the latest build ive got this weird ground textures, weather was rainy and this happens all the time even after respawn