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  1. holsters are there, flashbangs mostly in clothes at car wrecks
  2. Hello Survivors :) Few weeks ago i were browsing through different types of Maps for DayZ Standalone and noticed none of them have a more detailed rail system just some thicker black lines without any detail, so i thought why not spend some time and create one on my own and so did i. Took me quiet some time, lots of in-game traveling, dozens of screenshots and plenty of ours in Photoshop. Imo it was worth it. Most people probably don't care about rail tracks in DayZ but for those who spend more time for DayZ and are interested in any detail its definitely more interesting. Since im in cooperation with iZurvive I've decided to share this Map with them to let them use it to be the first ones who got a more detailed rail system. Can't wait when its ready and we all are able to use it via iZurvive :) Here are some sneak peak pictures of my Map (download at the bottom) I would appreciate any feedback, there could be some mistakes but overall it should all be right. Download 422MB
  3. Hay Survivors, i wanna talk about an option what i think is not necessary and removes plenty of possible good situations who might lead to role play, conversations etc. The option to respawn and kill your character while being unconscious! I know the value of your character is not high at the moment, the biggest value is most likely time you've spend with it and your location (the more far inland the higher), still you should fight for your life and try to stay alive no matter what. When youre unconscious, get tied up what might lead to a cool story and you stay alive is more worth to me than anything else. Same if im not mistaken and its still a thing when youre tied up and youre able to respawn. The only way you should be able to respawn is when youre really dead in my opinion. What do you guys think about that? Are there other sides i don't see who might give this a greater sense? Did the devs said anything if this is already planned to get removed in beta? Im interested in hearing your opinion guys (correct me if im wrong somewhere ;) )
  4. ohhh yess! cant wait to test them :O
  5. noticeable changes? do you see the difference?
  6. 100% agree, i would love to play more frequently at night times, uses flashlights or torches but all this is no fun when most of the people uses the gamma abuse so they can see clear like it would be day time... right now all light sources are useless and no one uses them at all, sadly
  7. ambient sound still way too loud when you come close to a city or buildings, it changes the volume from very good to too loud :/
  8. But still i cant really enjoy the nights when you play normally and you know youre in a huge disadvantage against those gamma abuser :( i really love the night time, it looks awesome and kind of scary now but the gamma thing ruins it for me
  9. Many thanks for this awesome info Baty! really really appriciated
  10. Im curious about this too, Baty?
  11. Thanks for the Update :( :( :(
  12. Thank you very much! This is always very appreciated
  13. Hello Sumrak :) first things first great work youve done and your team, personally cant wait to see some changes on the Map near future. Are underground caves, mines or bunkers planned and even possible to create? More Islands? maybe? :D Possible to expand the Map in the future? What will happen with the debug area? will it stay clear of objects? Will it ever be possible to enter or get it blocked by objects at one point?
  14. What is the most difficult/complex Animation you have done for DayZ so far? And why? How many different Animations are currently available and how many will there be approximately?
  15. There are some really good fixes right there! good job guys