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  1. FPS Problem

    Me being a douche then. :)
  2. FPS Problem

    Hey all, New to the forums and 45 hours of DayZ experience First of all the specs of my PC : 3.2 i5 Processor running at 3.8ghz GTX550ti SC gfx card with 1gb of gddr5 8gb or ram. Now the problem/issue. I Know DayZ is not fully optimised and all that at the moment however I think my problem lays with my PC When running around I get probably 25fps in the open, less in towns, however if i look directly down it runs smooth as ever. On every setting low at 720 resolution it runs better looking up but still could be smoother. What would I need to upgrade to get it smooth all the time? Cheers in Advance JDMtom