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  1. Small Chernarus

    il stick to this game, when i do game. teh level of detail and the scale is massive, if you want to argue that 240km, with almost all enterable buildings and teh level of artistic design, still in progress, is "tiny" thats up to you, i dotn underdtand why you say i "soudn liek a kid a year later" and i dont really care either, also haha @ combat every minute on dayz sa, sure.
  2. Small Chernarus

    as a man ages 37, i dotn think im a "fanboy", whatever you mean by that. i am into first person sim type games, dayz provides the best and most immersive experience, for me . i am a very objectve person, and i realise teh scale, detail, realistic and artistic style in dayz sa map, i duno what maps you think are better, but i know what games i like, and respect, and this game is 1 of the few
  3. Small Chernarus

    i dont coem on here often so thsi reply is a bit late, but if you think games liek gta, burnout paradise just cause, or any other game in that list or not in it, compare to the dayz environment, then i just think you dotn understand what im talking about, or realise teh level of detail and the scale in dayz sa, and i am not interesting in arguing my point either, cheers.
  4. wow they finally did it, 1 year later, nice
  5. i see, although actually neither of these servers are mine, i just know who run the servers and said i would post their servers details on the forum for them. oh right, well i copied the adresses from the gametracker website, so im not sure what happened there, if they are in fact mixed up. anyway at least you found them, cheers, odin.
  6. UK DAYZ | 4HR RESTART 12:00 | SUPER LOOT! | PERS. OFF Address: Port: 2350 private third person server. see g720 steam group for more info cheers.
  7. ELEKTRO DEATH | HARDCORE | PSYCHO LOOT! | PERS. OFF Address: Port: 2300 this private first person server has been running for a few weeks, in evenings often been 15-20 people in there, hopefully this can keep going, with player interaction on south coast, elektro cherno kamenka. may be changing to whitelisted in a few weeks, you can see info about this at g720 steam group.
  8. ah right, im not knowledgeable guns, i had thought the lrs in dayz was meant to be an 8x scope, i didnt realise it was meant to be a 15x. still that makes it the same problem as with the pu, acog and the pso1, when you have your fov near the centre, as i assume most of us do (mine is between the f and v) you are zoomed out way more than you should be. ADS should be locked, it would be nice to hear from someone involved with the game, to let us know if they are actually going to implement this? or even explain why they havent yet?
  9. i havent been on forums for ages, but its good to see that some people still think thsi is a useful idea. surely this has to be in the game, it is the correct way to do it, any dev can respond possibly? will we see this much needed feature added to teh game ? sooner woudl be better, since it directly affects gameplay, how players an use the scope properly, aswell as removing the "super zoom style" with lrs cheers.
  10. im happy they changed it, i suggested this . hardcore is not good name
  11. Stable - 0.47 Discussion

    since it is not physically possible to sprint while crouching, it seems that you have missunderstood something. not being able to toggle control methiods for character is what i am talking about, at no point do i mention sprinting. you have not understood what i typed. edit, my previous post was a topic, with the title "no crouch jog toggle?" but it has been moved, and is now a post in this topic, so its hard to understand what i was saying, since the title is missing.
  12. Stable - 0.47 Discussion

    who decided this woudl be a good idea? whoever they were they were wrong. it is terrible, if i wana move slowly while crouch, i want to press shift, or at least be able to toggle, and so does everyone else. remove this terrible feature asap, cheers. i hacvent been active here or in game recently, sorry to return with something negative, but i had to express my thoughts on thsi subject., just constructive criticism. cheers
  13. medic bag 8 slots [poll]

    yeah if current inventory system is placeholder then i guess thsi topic is not really relevant for game development the only reason i suggest it, is the reason i put in the OP, where i said about medic bag has no value against protector case, thanks all.
  14. Can we turn the fkn rain off?

    i like the rain