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  1. Fever Clan Recruiting!

    id to play with you lot, but do i have to join the community itself?
  2. we are still recruiting fresh talented EU players, simply post here first with your steam name and ill look into it
  3. if you´re still looking to join, add me on steam (prophetkedde)
  4. This is recruitment for Giggling Bandits with similar timezones to EU(CET) For US players go to --> http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/218654-giggling-bandits-recruiting-gear-and-fun/ Giggling bandits is a highly tactical group, and fun group, we gear all our players and we teach specific tactics. All members must have teamspeak and skype. We have our own server where we gear and do whatever we want. we do Raids on other servers, executions and general bandit stuff. We will hear you with and M4, grenades and a smersh vest and we will keep you geared all the time as long as you contribute and are worth anything to us. If you are interested in joining please add me, search for "prophet kedde" on steam. We are recruiting any players 18+ Join our teamspeak to apply ----------------------------------- ts67.gameservers.com:9156 ----------------------------------- we have a set rank system. please post here and add me on steam.
  5. Why kill someone and not loot them?

    let´s say you looked threatening to him/her, so the player decided, Fck it better safe than sorry altho id put my money on the lulz
  6. Name (What you want others to call you): Kedde Steam Name: zorkrieg55 Age:18 Country:kramneD Mic (Y/N): yes Teamspeak (Y/N): yes Playstyle: aggressive,mostly camping as a bandit so far Time you play: 4PM ->1AM (GMT+1) Other information: i once pee´d in a bottle because i was stuck in a firefight with 2 french dudes