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  1. whipe ???? so im going to elektro and get myself killed trying to wreck as much havoc as possible!
  2. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Blaze with scope !

    Best tweet for ages ! Its gonna be so OPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cant wait to get my hands on that badboy! two fast shots with .308 should take care of most self declared bandits and "full auto freaks" with ease . ITS MY BIRTHDAY arrrrrghhhhhh i need my pils
  3. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Toilet loot explosion is back?

    you dont wanna know what i found in my toilet !
  4. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    do tents still dissapear?

    my two mill tents dissapeard over night i had lots of pots and pans and erverything, else to much to carry away for two or three people. and yes the areal was mined. everything gone! even the mines,beartraps! now i dont care about the silly stuff or the time it took to gather but it would have been much more satisfying if my stuff was stolen by other survivors instead of dissapearing into the void. so has anyone noticed something similar the last days?
  5. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    do tents still dissapear?

    i dont think they where stolen or erased through missing interaction ( the second milltend was put down 4 days ago ) and if so, is it enough to put stuff into the tents inventory to keep it from vanishing or do i have to move the whole tent to keep it from vanishing?
  6. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Blaze with scope !

  7. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Blaze with scope !

    @death love Come at me broh all blaze haters can say what they want. the B95 has style and the rapid 2 shots even makes her dangerous in qcb situations
  8. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Blaze with scope !

    Shitty smart Phone Srry.
  9. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    where can i find the most pvp?

    where can i find the most pvp?
  10. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Where do you guys find LRSs these days?

    BUT hunting lodges should hold hunting gear!
  11. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    choppers or bicycles ?

    as far as i read in the Q&A ("Q. @AppleNutOfficia: Any chance there'll be motorbikes and bicycles in DayZ one day? A. Not sure. If yes, than don't expect them anytime soon".) we will have choppers before we will have bicycles, witch, in my humble opinion, is "utter bullshit ! " so how do the usual suspects see this ?
  12. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    My Army Tent

    I just found my second Miltent Awsome !
  13. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    choppers or bicycles ?

    Jeah im looking forward to hellfire the shit out of those Zombie Hords out of my A10 warthog Irony Mode off
  14. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    choppers or bicycles ?

    let the zombies hunt this ! or this !
  15. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Instanced Zombie Horde

    i can allready see the all the requests in the global channel: Zombie horde instance looking for heavy gunner (only akm with drummag) and a medic ! gogogogogogogoooooo :D
  16. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Ammo rarity in .55

    a blaze without optics is like a car without wheels. i real life allmost all hunting weapons have a scope on them ! see my sig !
  17. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Survivor Tent Camp

    wher the hell did those guys find all the mill tents :thumbsup: cool camp
  18. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Well.....I'm playing again.....

    U need 2 more chickens and a drink !
  19. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Where to find AK101 Mags..?!

    in my backpack and prison island
  20. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    choppers or bicycles ?

    Problems or not. Bicycles are the answer to most of our travel needs and should play a big role in DAYZ. They are sthealty, common, easy to repair, easy to hide ect, they dont need fuel i could go on....... so plz devs u want a game thats hard and unforgiving? quit choppers and go by bike!
  21. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Island Stash

    now i will never know where tha cool stuff spawns !!!! whääääääää >:( ;)
  22. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    choppers or bicycles ?

    dont get me wrong but right now, running through chenarus, feels like sitting on a bike at 30km/h so i dont really get the problem implementing it. ( i dont see the need of jumping BMX style arround annyway, if that would cause any problems ) is there a IT neerd arround that could enlighten me PLZ!
  23. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Survivor Gamez VI Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

    who doesent knows his ways arround Zeleno shouldnt be allowed to the "GAMEZ" Those people are a pain to watch and a disgrace for the comunity!
  24. Munson_fry (DayZ)

    Small Chernarus

    thats because of the shockwave that let their brains explode when they go through the soundbarrier. science !
  25. dont play at 4:52 AM