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  1. I have standalone. Got DayZ As it was getting popular as a mod about 4 years ago. (As I recall) Need a group, anyone interested? I play All Day. I am reliable and a good friend. Zbzikowany on steam.
  2. I was thinking of a way to construct a good respawn system, and I figured, set spawn points within buildings, and choose a spawn point by basically checking if a player is within that region and at a safe distance away to provide 'elbow room' to explore. Intentions to benefit the game system and intentions of a future spawn system I'd like to see: ∙A Respawn system where people aren't going to 'shoot all the noobs on the shore' Because they know they spawn there, or basically, to make spawning less predictable than was inthe Mod. ∙To prevent people from intending to target noobs and go to a certain area, preventing mechanic abuse. (Noob Camping / Abusive Kill Farming) ∙To prevent people from server hopping and 'stumbling' upon caches of goods, future stashed vehicles, bases. Since people would hide their items in similar places, people can log in to all the 'sweet spots' to scan predictable areas. ∙To prevent Sniper Camping, and overall Bad experiences for spawns whether experienced or Newbie. Optional conditions: ∙Where items are around ( A place in a region where a certain number of Items exist within a certain radius thereof) ∙Where a criteria of scavengable items can be found within a certain range: Is it near anty kind of medical supplies, is it near food, is it near water sources. ∙Is a player with a ranged weapon within a certain range? (Because of Snipers / Noob Farmers) Side Notes: It would make rational / logical sense to me to start off in a building, and maybe a brief text intro of what is outside, point being, to provide some situational awareness. such as 'I've awakened to hear zombies outside' Or 'I had a good sleep' Which would indicate there are no zombies, Also, I feel it adds to the situational awareness to state where my location is on the screen because most people need to figure out where they are with a map, and to just spawn ina building is like waking up there, whoever got there should know where they are if we want to have more of a rational story behind it. (Like I saw in the Mod when I was playing it a while back) Conclusion: I know in most servers Camping / Farming won't be an issue, but a good respawn system with integrity outlasts in the long run and especially on high traffic servers where there is a higher chance sketchy individuals would like to abuse the system for sick pleasure or easy profits. I would also like to see suggestions.