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  1. spawn (DayZ)

    Sad news

    RIP dude. I remember his name on here from years ago. I cant remember the details or relationship I had with him. But thoughts with his friends and family.
  2. spawn (DayZ)

    I'm 21 and my metabolism is insane

    Squatting is indeed great. But the GH and Test levels released are to insugificant for anything to matter with extra growth in the body within the normal physilogical range. See below http://jap.physiology.org/content/108/1/60.full http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/06/120614130946.htm http://www.mcmaster.ca/opr/html/opr/media/main/NewsReleases/Researchdebunksbodybuildingmythgrowthpromotinghormonesdontpromotegrowthorstrength.htm There are no most important fruits for muscle growth. Fruits are just sugar mainly with some micro nutrients. In order to build muscle you need sufficient protein, a surplus of calories and lift weights.
  3. spawn (DayZ)

    I'm 21 and my metabolism is insane

    usually meat is the best source of protein. A good complete amino acid profile. Vegetables are classed as partial. This is because they usually lack in 1 or two essential amino acids. Working legs is great. Burns a LOT of calories due to the muscle being so big needing more energy. You mentioned weight not changing. If you eat every day 2000 caloires and are not gaining weight. Then eat 2500 calories each day. Energy cant't be sedtroyed without it being burnt as fuel first. And correct about the supplements and not being as important if you eat right.
  4. spawn (DayZ)

    I'm 21 and my metabolism is insane

    Sorry it is 1g per lbs for protein To be more exact it is Protein 1. To gain Muscle (surplus of calories) At least (1.6 g/kg/day) - (~0.73/lbs/day) 2. To lose weight (fat, caloric deficit) At least (2.3-3.1g/kg) - (~1.04-1.4g/lbs/day) of Fat Free Mass (FFM) if male under 23% bf. If female under 35% bf. Protein
  5. spawn (DayZ)

    I'm 21 and my metabolism is insane

    Hi. First of all I would like to congradulate you on your progress There are some things I think I should make you aware of. 1. If your situation with anxiety and such has not improved I suggest getting some help with that 2. Ectomorphs, Medo and endomorphs don't exist. They were invented about 50 years ago by a guy who looked at photo's of people and gategorized them based off his opinion with no science to back him. 3. You said if you didn;t workout you would be nothing. Well. Weight loss and weight gain is all about energy balance. It is thermodynamics. To gain weight you must eat more energy in a day then your body burns. To lose weight you must eat less energy in a day then your body burns. Exercising uses energy. So if you actually stopped working out and you ate the same amount of energy as you eat now. You would gain weight. You exercising burns some of this energy you eat so it does not get stored on your body as fat, Now you have built some muscle clearly. This is due to breaking the muscle fibers down and eating protein to repair them while eating excess energy. 4. You mention you eat a LOT of meat. This might actually be preventing your weight gain. You need no more then 1g per lbs of body weight to grow muscle to keep your body in a positive notrigenn balance. Excess protein is converted into blook glucose in the body and majority of the caloires are burned through NEAT and TEF. Thermogenesis. I suggest eating maybe 400g - 500g of meat a day for you which will be more then enough and eat more fat or carbohydrates. I would also not judge people by their physique. Some of the smartest humkans on earth look anything near impressive. Myself? I am a fair decent size bigegr then you and taller with tattoos and a beard right now with a max bench of 160kg. that is just over 350lbs. But that does not make me better or worse then anyone as a person.
  6. spawn (DayZ)

    Toning Workout

    Show us this perfect toned body. I think you are advertising ur vown videos
  7. spawn (DayZ)

    I am back after a break

    Well you being admin / mod I think grants you right of way there :)
  8. spawn (DayZ)

    I am back after a break

    Ahh. Well self interpretation can be extremely inaccurate :) So pointless coment on his behalf then. :)
  9. spawn (DayZ)

    I am back after a break

    Ahh okay. I get ya. Yes a certificate does not make you correct. Correct information makes you correct. This information is from science. If you provide creditable science and not some rubbish bias incomplete pseudeo study then this holkds credibility and promotes you being correct. You or your child can say something that is correct without having a qualification. You can have a qualification and say something incorrect. I am correct because I provide science. I don't say "I am qualified so that makes me correct" That is an auctoritate which is a poor debating technique. As for the TV show. It is science based. The creator of it constantly references science and researches allong with myself. The show has credibility unlike another show we have here which provides zero proof for anything except anecdotes or pure fabricated illusions. Anyhoo lol. Good to get a change of scenery from facebook and the TV and gym :)
  10. spawn (DayZ)

    I am back after a break

    Why does it make you lol?| Also you said youlisten to your physio but only you know best. There are things your physio knows about anatomy and biomechanics that you don't know. So saying you know best may not be the rigth word. Thephysio won't be able to tell if you are feeling beter or not physically but that is what communication is for. I have dealt with physio's before and they are not trainers or nutritionists. I would never claim to be a Physo.
  11. spawn (DayZ)

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    This is my profession. Please give correct advice in the future which is optimal and accurate. Also everything said here relates to the OP. You gave false information and I just corrected you. I provided proof as well.
  12. spawn (DayZ)

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    I am sorry but what does 25 years have to do with anything? Adding more weight to the bar? Yes. please refer to science to correct yourself.Please learn about progressive overload. As for responding differently. This may educate you. One of the smartest in the industry who has been doing it for longer then you. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/you-are-not-different.html/ Keeping caloires intake in a deficit is the only way to lose weight. So that is why it is relevant. You must keep it the consistant becides refeed days. You are talking about losing weight with leptin more. Did you know that eating more smaller meals or snacks throughout the day can make people more hungry and eat more due to hormones? I guess not. what about digestion? your body will still digest food the same rate. as fast as it can. fiber helps digestion. Also what is wrong with Mcdonalds? What is wrong with a food containing micronutrients, protein, carbs, EFA's, fiber????? why is this food garbage. can you provide a peer reviewed study on this? What is the bad ingreedient in it? Did you know avoiding eating these foods can lead to eating disorders?
  13. spawn (DayZ)

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    Mate. Eating more meals that are smaller throughout the day does not increase metabolic rate. AKA burn more caloires. 2000 caloires over 8 meals or over 2 meals is still 2000 caloires and your body doesn't speed up digesting it. The same with driving a car. car doesn;t go faster if you slowly put fuel in the tank, compared to a full tank. The car still uses the same abmount of fuel to run. What will help digesting is equal distribution of fiber and enoygh fiber. 10g per 1000 caloires as a minimum is recomended. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/research-review/meal-frequency-and-energy-balance-research-review.html http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/meal-frequency-and-mass-gains.html Eating some Mcdonalds is also perfectly fine. A Big Mac has protein, fats, carbs and fiber. allong with micro nutrients all which are essential for humans to live. You don't have to change up your routine at all. You are referring to training adaptation. and if that happens. Add more weight to the bar. If doing cardio or weights, Burning 500 caloires is still buring 500 caloires. If you are not growing muscle or gaining weight then increase load. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24832974 http://articles.submityourarticle.com/-quot-muscle-confusion-myth-quot-don-t-let-it-hold-back-your-bodybuilding-progress-62320 Correct about doing the sit ups but. All they will do is strengthen the abdominals and make them bigger. takes about 250 000 sit ups to burn 1lbs of fat. they really don;t use much energy.
  14. spawn (DayZ)

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    1. Eat the exact same as you are now. But add in 30 mins - 1 hour of exercise a day extra. 2. Eat less. Can't sport reduce fat loss. You have to lose fat all over. not just in one spot. Does not work like that.
  15. Simple. You are not eating more calories in a day then you burn. Your metabolic rate is higher. Until you track every day for two weeks or more you won't understand