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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Thank you. The list was a good idea, and probably should be reused for the following releases as well.
  2. Arming a zombie with a rock or bludgeoning weapon?

    Consensus would be that zombies are not "using" blunt weapons but they are attached to their arms because of accidents. E.g. plank with nails that went through zombie`s arm, barbed wire around fist etc. Of course holding a stone is not a big deal, even for animals. Dayz zombies are still humans, their brain is functioning(??).
  3. Move the spawning points

    That is an invalid statement. Regarding moving spawn point - i guess it depends on the story, if it is not forcing of being on the coast I would be happy for totally random spawn-points i.e. middle of big forest is acceptable. As for map, I would prefer more to have random (or customized to your civilian role - that was mentioned in some suggestion topic) items than specific ones (what will prevent from particular item inflation).
  4. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    Don't fool yourself. It does not work like that anymore after games are started to being sold before they are released(finished!).
  5. From Hicks_206 Reddit on Development

    Base on you, choose one: Neutral: You are more visible, you sell more products, you can eat more apples. Positive: they don`t force you to use specific form of communication but let you choose.Negative: they don`t care about being efficient with providing good quality, solid communication but only marketing.
  6. Good idea. Probably can be implemented same way as fly periodically flying near to your head. I would love to see not existing zombies lurking before such player.
  7. [SUGGESTION] - Random box loot spawns.

    Another simple but great idea. P.S. "[sUGGESTION]" in topic, "suggestion" in first sentence, it was posted in suggestions part of forums. That shall be a suggestion then.
  8. whats the first thing ur gonna do after the patch ?

    I will download it.
  9. new item: 4 color camouflage facepaint

    Cool idea and not very expensive regarding implementation.
  10. Surrender Animation should make players lootable

    Well, then the handcuffs will loose a lot of their charm. What about instead of lootable target inventory it would be accessible but you can't take anything until you ask for it, kill the player or handcuff him?
  11. Better compass inclination / visibility.

    Exactly! Currently magnetic field will not affect compass' needle properly in such position you requested. P.S. However Earth magnetic field is changing, please try to suggest that in couple of years, maybe than it will be more 'immerse'. -1
  12. I am not killing for fun. Sometimes you see a guy running towards building where you are hidden. Your fellows are exchanging stuff, one of them is sick with broken bones. You are not sure does the guy running towards you has weapon, is he alone. In one word, is he a threat. Few seconds of thinking and you shoot. Bangabang! You are in the jail... <_< The thing with simulators is that they give you possibility to make different actions. It is up to you how will you play with them. Taking away such thing as ability to KOS will cut cojones of this game. PVE private servers for those who are not seeing point in being killed because of lack of awareness. I have played Ultima Online on PVP and PVE servers. PVE were much more boring and pointless. Every sim-world has to has criminals. 'griefing' - I agree. This kinda topics are full of griefers. Someone virtually killed your virtual avatar, that doesn't mean he is an asshole.
  13. Why loot is not full random?

    Maybe that "cheat" is the source of your boredom.
  14. Water from rain

    Water from the rain is much cleaner than water from static reservoirs. You would skip using purification tablets on water gathered that way. I`m in! :beans:
  15. take damage when you hit a wall with your hands for more realism

    One time, I punched a wall only once and broke my bone. Unlucky. As for the idea, I do not like it. :facepalm: