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  1. TokumeiSennin

    Stable Update 0.62.139835

    My character atm is in Berehzki at private server. Every time when i log in, i see around 7-10 guns in few house, its few sporters, p10, shotguns etc. Do you guys had same situation? Not sure its just server spawn bug, global bug or something else...
  2. TokumeiSennin

    Looking for low loot server

    Hello Like i said in title. I am looking for really low loot server with private shard. I wasn't for long on servers and not sure its loot is finaly balaced but would be nice not found 5 weapons in police station with 2 clips like i seen yesterday on public. Someone know any server with low loot, where is point hunting and crafting equipment ?
  3. TokumeiSennin

    Is loot finally fixed?

    If hunting animals for food is not profitable or at least competitive, then loot system is sux. Now is far away from that what should be in survival game.
  4. TokumeiSennin

    Hardcore vs Easycore lol

    Well, i played both, i think at hardcore is more mature and friendly players. Most players which want to KoS going to Normal, cuz there is easier to hunt players due camera. No need to lean to see someone, just good camera angle. I wouldn't say there is big diffrent in amount of players like that, but i think at Hardcore i met more fine players.
  5. TokumeiSennin

    Hopes for 0.50 stable

    Nice try. I am aware "purpose of exp". Sometimes unreal stuff passing from exp to stable and i had hope in this case there not end like that. I hope you keep up.
  6. TokumeiSennin

    Hopes for 0.50 stable

    My hope is: 1. Not so fast dmg for shoes when running like in exp... its unreal that's after +-3km shoes are ruined :/ 2. Droped items keeped in hands during switch don't disappear >_>. 3. Less respawn rate for electric weapons.
  7. TokumeiSennin

    Worst. Bandit. Ever!

    Well. you could take his balistic helmet, before you shot and ruined it.
  8. TokumeiSennin

    For Sarah a hero story

    Never keep morphine in pants :p
  9. TokumeiSennin

    DayZ Menu and Gameplay Concepts

    Awsome for me, looks more like apocalise mood.
  10. TokumeiSennin

    Are ragdolls physics server or client sided?

    Probably its server side, any weird ragdoll effects was seem by me and my team.
  11. TokumeiSennin

    Did i kill myself?

    Had same once few month ago, Clone had same stuff.
  12. TokumeiSennin

    Reporting status loot on military base

    Agree here, atm is too many AKM mags, yesterday got 10 in NWAF.
  13. TokumeiSennin

    Anyone Find the Engraved 1911 HandGuns?

    Found once in police station.
  14. TokumeiSennin

    Experimental Branch: 0.45 Discussion

    Question: At 013 033 should be some town or anything ?
  15. TokumeiSennin

    Combat Logger caught on video

    Combat loging is not aganist any rules... Its not reason to ban players. Don't know what are rules on server which you played, you didn't said server name... i not sure this is good place to report it.