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  1. Exp Update 0.61.138260

    Can not Join servers till they are up dated :(
  2. Playing on two seperate computers in same household?

    He would have to have his own steam account and buy the game. No way to "share" it and play at the same time. *
  3. How the hell did you guys even try the new patch?

    I've been playing, one of the lucky ones I suppose. Haven't had any real problems. some short lasting lag, but other then that smoother then before the patch. Rocket has posted that there should be a "hot Fix" patch in the morning. They are running tests on isolated servers all night to check the fix.
  4. The Ruger MKII Is Coming, But Whats It Like?

    Most likely a 10 shot mag, that is standard for the real Ruger Mk11
  5. Any Way To Disable The "missing File" Error Message?

    Next patch, will be fixed.
  6. Mosin Compensator question

    The compensator ONLY reduces felt recoil, it has nothing to do with accuracy of the weapon itself(unless installed improperly). By reducing the felt recoil of the weapon it makes YOU a better shooter. i.e. you react less to the shot and you can keep on target better/fast.
  7. New Stuff never found before and never mentioned in patch notes

    I was referring to this screen cap. the description of the ammo says 7.62 x 51 which is .308 and not meant to be used in the mosin, which fires the 7.62 x 54r. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/432645228349986902/421533732BFB26AAB0A408A83967BEBD382F7BDA/
  8. New Stuff never found before and never mentioned in patch notes

    .308 ammo, another rifle or someone made an ooops on the type ammo a mosin uses.