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  1. So for the past 5 days I have been doing military barracks straight runs from the prision island all the way to base above of Troitskoe at the far north of the map. Thats a total of 13 barracks checked per run; a decent amount of which I am the first person to loot. Sometimes I do this run twice or even three times per day; and have yet to find a PS0-1 scope in the past 5 days. Please note I check under every the beds every time. I also try to find the time to check the downed russian crash sites since they are static at the moment; its to my advantage to do so. Anyone else having problems finding the scope or do they spawn in areas other than military barracks or the russian chopper wrecks?
  2. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    I really don't understand the thinking in the implementation of the zombies in their current state; zipping all over the screen basically doing mini teleports when engaged in close range combat with a player. Why not leave them as they were last patch and wait to snyc their movement with the new animations until a future patch? The decision to implement a feature/mechanic that is so commonly encountered by players with the knowledge it will do the game more harm than good makes no logical sense to me. Apart from that i really do love the new direction the loot mechanic has taken even though the lack of common household items is problematic as Tonyeh mentioned above. I spent hours tring to find plant seeds earlier only to discover it doesn't seem to rain anymore on my usual server. Kinda pointlesss really.
  3. Does anyone else experience ugly polygon graphic lags?

    So i did the unthinkable and removed all my startup options ie. -cpuCount=4 -nosplash -noPause -maxMem=8192 was what i had previously. Removing all startup options seems to fix it; although i havn't had enough time to confirm 100%; its working as I write this in areas of the game where it didn't work before. Give that a shot; hope it helps.
  4. Does anyone else experience ugly polygon graphic lags?

    I have had this problem too since patch 0.54 was released; and have yet to find a fix also. Im quite sure its not a hardware problem but an unintentional problem caused by a coding clash somewhere in the implementation of the latest patch. If i had to guess I think it might be due to the new rock textures that have been added to the game that perhaps havn't been configured properly and might cause rendering problems with other graphical textures and features. The game will run smoothly when I go into 1st person and look at the ground only it seems. For the record im using at 980 gtx; which ran the game just fine; and have lowered some settings like turning shadows off (I do in all games; I find them unnecessary) or lowering item/object rendering distance as I don't see the point in the game rendering loot in buildings that are 200 yards away. They will still show if I use a scope or binoculars to see into the distance however; so im not gimping myself on player rending distance; I just like smooth performance. I think all we can do for now is wait for a hotfix or the next patch. Im confident this problem is caused by the game and not your hardware or other software. Here are another player's screenshots - http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37475921013319464/1FC482091C860A122CF0675A832A64BA3215CA3D/1024x573.resizedimage - http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37475921013316986/5EB14F82DB63C0A19127F8E80E8B3FEF2CC4822C/1024x573.resizedimage
  5. Player Temperature when Inside a Vehicle

    This may be more of a reminder than a suggestion if the devs have implemented this in their own personal testing version of the game atm; but a reminder that player temperature should be at a healthy normal level when inside a vehicle that has it's engine running; when they are implemented of course. Any automobile that has an interior that shields it's user from the weather via glass/metal on all sides should make the player effectively immune from weather since we can assume it will have interior heating and/or air conditioning. It's an obvious idea but one that should be implemented none the less imo. You could even let a certain amount of the cold air affect a player inside a car; if one window or more was smashed/ruined for example; but at a much slower pace than if the player was standing outside in the rain. (This also gives the driver a reason to stop) No rain should effect a player inside a vehicle though regardless of any or all windows being ruined imo. Best patch yet btw guys; keep up the amazing work and tweaks please.
  6. A look at one of the new zombie models

    When it comes to the death of children; the film industry is mature enough to not show such a crime in its true horriffic light, and instead let your imagination do the maths on what happened. The death of a child usually happens off camera, of when it is show the director is compasionate enough not to revel in it. I think there is a difference in video games since you are not the observer as with films but the would be culprit.
  7. A look at one of the new zombie models

    I have no doubt in reality a virus would infect a population indiscriminately regardless of any human morals. My point is; just because this is how it would unfold in reality; is it reason enough to replicate in a game without asking if it was wise to do so; and would this generate any mental health repercussions in doing so to some people; as well as degenerate the mentality of an already unstable person. Should we simulate something we know to be immoral into a video game because thats where the truth is found? Please read my longer post on page 6 about moral lines in video games and the potential future of the type of simulations we can expect to be presented with in the coming decades and share your thoughts please. Do you think a moral line should never be drawn in video games and if so why beyond reflecting what could happen in reality.
  8. A look at one of the new zombie models

    I just noticed this post. The fact the people other than myself question your mentality speaks volumes. (Sorry for double post)
  9. A look at one of the new zombie models

    How many teenagers do you know that are sane? Lets fast forward 10 - 20 years; when games truely are visually and immsersively much more realistic to capturing the look and feel of reality. Do you think capturing the simutlation of killing a child; the image of innocence will still sit well with you? You made a very good point; no doubt Gibonez, but do you think every person out there playing such a simulation will process it in their mind the same way as someone as wise and mature as you or I? Do you have any children of your own, or perhaps a niece or a little sister? Would the simulation of killing a photo realistic sprite of your own daughter still be something you could "handle" or even want to do? Now let's imagine; the sprite of your child now talks like her too. In fact its voice is identical to that one of your own children, or other family member. Now so are her clothes and her personality; and she's not even a zombie any more but the image of a child survivor in every way; with the innocence of child shining through more than ever. This litttle video game sprite is now the virtual replica of a child family member you care about very much. It's mannerisms are that of your loved one in every possible way; as close to the real live person as you can get. Its personality reflect's that of someone who is scared and desperate for a father or mother figure to comfort her. Knowing that all of this is not real and just a video game would you kill it just because you can? I got news for you buddy; the above depication in the paragraph is a corner the video game industry will meet very soon; with growing realism and intensity; and it is one that most be discussed. How do object to such violence towards children in video games? Should we even object? How should we view the mentality of those who wil enjoy child murder scenarios of truely realistic simulations a decade or two from now. It's not real and never will be; with no reprocussions given to those who enjoy it. Does the discussion end there for you? Will such simulations affect how a person views a child or life in all its forms and glory in reality? I think you may have yet to learn how paper thin the human mind is when it comes to sanity; and how quickly one can fall from grace and stay there for years if not permanently. I honestly think you need to imagine how these scenarios can affect a slightly more out-of-tune mind; or the still developing minds of the children (Deathlove) who will and do play adult games regardless of their age rating. The final point I want to make about your post is that you are right. Most people can dismiss it as a game and can tell the difference. My point is what about the minds who can't? What about those who may unlock a dark fanatasy they never knew they had. What about those who object to such things for moral reasons? I can't help but question the sanity/personality of a games developer who spends his or her time creating a child sprite for the sole purpose of it to be abused in one way or the other. Im not saying child death is something that should never be in video games; but it should be handled tastefully; with respect like the opening scenes in The last of Us; and not to view a child in a video game as cannon fodder simply because it's not real. In 10-20 years i expect this to be a topic that will have the video games industry hold a mirror up to itself.
  10. DayZ moving to new engine - ENFUSION

    Hello all; I was just wondering if there has been any recent dev feedback on when they expect to implement the upcoming new game engine on to experimental. I feel a little worn out with the current status of hackers in the game and am not expecting to play again until the new engine is released or until new major content is released that opens up more diverse things to work towards in game. Thanks in advance.
  11. A look at one of the new zombie models

    Have you ever considered that game developers or any normal sane person wouldn't want a simulation of children being murdered in a game? Do you get off on kids being killed? Is that something you actually want to do in a game you idiot fuc.
  12. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    The blatant increase of hacking going on recently has pushed my hand back to this thread; for I have lost faith again brothers. (For a good time go to <UGA> 2 Hour Restarts...High Loot...United Gamers Alliance 2 - berezino ofc; and count how many infinite ammo M4's you can hear going off before the resident speed hacker finds you)
  13. What's the current hacking status like in DayZ:SA?

    Not the brightest lightbulb in the closet are you.
  14. United Gamer Alliance Server

    UGA servers are and have been full of hackers for months. It practically seems encouraged there. In all the time I've played on the UGA 2 hour reset server; I have yet to see any player belonging to the UGA clan. If I didn't know any better I would have to assume some of the admins are the cultprits. Berezino is rampant with them and a mass of duped M4 gunfire going off often.
  15. No DayZ cfg File

    SKS-Will Go to your documents folder and there should be a Dayz folder there with 3 files inside. - The Dayz.cfg is used to change your resolution. - PC.DayzProfile is used to change more complex things such as scene complixity, object distance, view distance, shadows etc. Lowering some of these settings may greatly improve performance. If you can't find them, go into any windows folder and press F3 to bring up the search function and look for the two files I just mentioned. 1) - If you feel you have reached a point where your config files are altered beyond you ability to repair them; try deleting them and running the game; and hopefully steam will download new default files. 2) - If that doesn't work, assuming you have deleted the files; right click on Dayz in your steam games list; go to properties, local files tab and run the verify integrity of game cache utility to download any missing files. This should download the files for sure if step number 1 failed to do so. 3) - If that doesn't work, uninstall dayz and delete the Dayz folder containing the configuration files if steam didn't do it automatically for you and download and reinstall the game afresh once more.