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  1. Happy Christmas all. Congrats to the team getting a solid release to stable. Let's not do any hotfixes until the new year.
  2. they seem mostly blind now
  3. servers back and characters wiped
  4. no wipe but the server only stayed up for a minute for me.
  5. I tried a no apple (or berry) challenge and it made for a much better game.
  6. could be worse, they could've tried talking to you on voice chat. that's the real horror
  7. I would love if apple trees were broken in the next patch.
  8. pro tip: run away and hide from heavily armed people. think of them as zombies but with automatic weapons. no one ever said "Oh great I have an akm with a drum mag, let's go to the coast and make friends with fresh spawns."
  9. the infected ai after they are angered is a bit silly. it's basically just a radar where they know exactly where you are. inside/outside it doesn't matter until you are out of range. What I noticed today is once in chase mode the radar will pick out players the infected hadn't previously seen and also know exactly where there are even if they haven't seen them. I watched (in 3rd behind a fence) a guy being chased by a zombie then i presume he got away because suddenly the zombie started running towards me despite there being no way it could've seen me.
  10. I don't play on public servers. Interesting you claim to know how a server hopper speaks. I don't.
  11. just go back to giving the actual server population numbers. If people want to gear up on empty servers or just play by what? What I want to do is play full servers with friends. If I see a server 40/50 that's the server we'll hit because we'll bring it up to 45 and it'll soon be 50/50. Stop trying to hide information from players. There's absolutely no reason to hide the player numbers from private shards so why do it at all? The only reason I can think of for hiding the player counts is you want to give people paying money for failing servers a reason to pay next months bill. The only meta gaming going on here is tricking people into thinking renting a server on public is a good idea.
  12. my view distance isn't under 3 meters. viewDistance=1600; preferredObjectViewDistance=1400; most every thing is set on high
  13. Disappearing trumpets - click to play