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  1. DayZ Standalone - Patch Showcase - The New Engraved 1911

    Nice find + share. :thumbsup: :beans:
  2. DayZ Adventures.

    Nice shots! :beans: I personally like the colors on the second pic.
  3. The walking dead season 2 episode 2

    Assuming that you're talking about the video game, I thought it was really thrilling. Still short.. but aren't all the episodes when you can only play a couple scenes? I think the real value of the game will be discovered when you can sit down and play all the episodes at once, chronologically. As for the episode in particular, I feel that they included a lot of subtle and major tension and portrayed everyone's emotions/actions with surprising vs. typical behavior and little flaw. I enjoyed it overall and can't wait to see what unfolds in the next release.
  4. Lets Talk Camo

    I would enjoy seeing camouflage variants. Nice idea, just wrong section for the forums. Try Suggestions instead.
  5. Crawling zombies

    This was introduced in the mod, expect this to added in eventually.
  6. new pc will this play dayz. HELP

    Yes. Will give you average to better frames on default graphics. EDIT: Would recommend getting a RAM upgrade though (8 is usually the way to go.) but you should be fine with 4 for the most part.
  7. Killed a guy at Devil's Castle, he had this note

    Oh well, interesting find!
  8. Leather Jacket :D

    That's better :beans:
  9. So I'm gonna cry

    This post makes me feel sad... ... Because I had to go to reddit to receive a broken link.
  10. A mountain man

    Time to revert back to RDR: Undead Nightmare times. Times when you had to fight the zombies with nothing but your handy-dandy revolvers and buffalo snipers. Ah... Good times.
  11. Basically, if you see closed doors and surrounding, idle zombies, you don't have to worry about anyone camping within the perimeter. It means no one has been around since the restart.
  12. Just running in balls deep seems to work out for me. :thumbsup:
  13. Killed a guy at Devil's Castle, he had this note

    Did you bother going to the coordinates?
  14. Leather Jacket :D

    You should have posted a screenshot of what the jacket looks like to have made this thread worth it.
  15. Bad Moon Rising

    Nice video and CCR cover. Here, take this, I found this along my journeys. :beans: