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    0.63 Expreimental - "cannot open file" error

    Problem solved! The problem was related to my Windows 10 Insider build (recently updated). I made a fresh new Windows install and now everything works fine!
  2. tommy86

    0.63 Expreimental - "cannot open file" error

    No one can help me with that? I can only play the stable version, but cant launch experimental/stress test. I also tried to reinstall steam and dayz, but still the same error...
  3. tommy86

    Stress Test vol.36

    Yes, already done multiple times. with the code ireallywanttotest it tells me it's incorrect. Is it changed?
  4. tommy86

    Stress Test vol.36

    I still get same error (cannot open file addon\...) on launch like on experimental...so bored with no reply.
  5. Hello, I'm an old Dayz player and I wanted to get back on it after 0.63 update. I've made a fresh install and switched to "experimental" build, but when I start the game, this error appear: cannot open file 'addon\gear_books.pbobies.ebo' I tried to make a file cache clear (with all 3 option on) but problem is still on. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. tommy86

    DayZ Item Use Compendium

    For the head torch, you need to attach a 9v battery, then it start working ;)
  7. tommy86

    PvP... and not much else.

    Even if it's called standalone, this game is pretty much the same as mod. If nothing will be done in term of interaction between people, I will get bored in 1 month. If I wanna play an fps, I run bf4. I don't spend 1 hour to collect stuff around and be killed by one of the 100 idiots around the servers. No interactions, just kills. And this suck.
  8. tommy86

    Patch notes for patch #2???

    Surely after they solve those login problems with Steam
  9. tommy86

    Servers not showing and waiting for host

    I'm sure that they're gonna solve this problem in less time that Blizzard took to solve them last days...48hrs downtime lol :lol:
  10. tommy86

    New Patched Messed Up Mouse Y-Axis?

    I haven't noticed it honestly..seems the same as before to me. Don't knw if this can be related to each different device :huh:
  11. Request sent :thumbsup: :beans: Where are you from guys?
  12. U have eaten too many rotten fruit dude...better eat some :beans: instead :thumbsup:
  13. tommy86

    Can I Run DayZ Retail (POST HERE)

    Desktop Monitor resolution: 1680x1050 CPU: Intel i7 2600 standard mhz Graphics card: gtx 460 2gb RAM: 8gb ddr3 1033 SSD? No Running with low settings, average 45fps outside cities and 23fps into it (eg cherno)