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  1. AMD have come along way in the last few years. Going with Ryzen CPU would be a good choice and very good CPU for the cost. Iv always been AMD just for cost to performance. Why spend that money on Intel for and extra 10fps in a game when you could spend half the money and get similar performance. Once developers get over the Multicore bump i do feel AMD will overtake Intel.
  2. If this did happen in the real world. No one would KoS the first person they met. Cause realistically most people know Diddly squat on how to survive without their Iphones or Facebook. So the first thing someone would do is find someone with some Outdoors knowledge and try to make friends with them and help. This is one Humans do band together when things get tough and work it out to the end. When I Play Dayz i rollplay the last pocket of a Military force depending on what Berets i find I play, Red = Paratrooper, Green = Royal Marine Commando, NZ Beret = New Zealand Defence force or the Chernarus Beret = Last local Military personnel. I will go around try to help people by giving them food and Medical help (never lasts long) and go around cleaning out Villages of zeds to make them safe areas (I RP that it's safe).
  3. C4 or Dynamite needs to be stupidly rare, but as we got Fertilizer and barrels you could have it where you can build a bomb. Risk reward would be big explosion but when setting up there is a 50/50 chance it could go off as its a IED.
  4. For me It how it implemented and how hard it is to gather the Mats to build a base. If it requires you weeks of gathering to make the base but only takes a few grenades or ramming with a car to destroy. Then No thanks i'm sticking being a wanderer
  5. All i like to see is to be able to walk and eat/drink at the sametime. Seriously the PC can't multitask to save its life.
  6. How about No.. If they brought it back in 5min you lot be on here moaning about the Gamma/Brightness Trick. They just need to make it Dynamic if you undercover in a forest it get darker but when in open field it lighter but you can only see a few meters into a pitch black forest.
  7. im surprised you did get the reference.
  8. If they do that how do we defend against aslants with Loganberries...
  9. Would a compromise between the sway and how it use to be. Have it in the game the more experience you have using said rifle decreases sway overtime. Lets say if your character has survived 1 month ingame (total time played on servers + kills) your sway is reduced by half.
  10. I know its alpha, they just seem to be breaking more things than they fix
  11. Is it me or every patch they bring out breaks the game even more. Melee combat feels broken to the extent im not sure if i'm hitting a Zombie/person, Zombies seem to have gotten a ranged attack, F1 to raise my hand to say Hi now seems to raise fists say Hi and throw punch (I could of glitched out there) and button presses seem to have a really long delay to the point i have to smash the key to get it it to register. Anyone else notice this?
  12. The only reason me and my mate have our gamma turned all the way up is night is black i.e is we can see shit. you as a player can stand right in front of us and we can't see you. We can't see outlines of buildings. With the gamma turned up trees and building and people become black, sky is a light grey and the ground is a dark grey. we cant tell between a moving zombie and a moving player when like this. So turning the gamma up makes it barely playable for us rather than not playable when normal. Before you say use the flashlight. like hell we are going to give our position away to bandits we like surviving. :P
  13. Haven't found one yet but do have 10 boxes of ammo for it lol
  14. You cant see very well at night with dayz if you have everything on default settings the screen is completely black apart from the sky map with it s white dots. your telling me you see quite well then im calling you out on BS and saying you got you brightness turned up.
  15. Its not a hack as its in all known game engines apart from Doom 3 and arma 3. It's not going away till he gets the bit of code from Arma 3 engine. Deal with it or leave, moaning about its alot like moaning about the rain people hate it but it will never go away.