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    the upcoming Beta
  1. General Discussion

    The test wasn't for you. It was for the devs. 4 years and basically the whole engine was rebuilt during last couple of years. I think they should have stickied this info on the frontpage. https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-stress-tests
  2. General Discussion

    They tweeted "10 more minutes" 13 minutes ago.
  3. General Discussion

    I managed to play for about ten minutes. It was great.
  4. oops nevermind, Lol! sorry

  5. General Discussion

    Everyone getting kicked due to Battleye client not responding. :(
  6. Agora, parece que você não pode entrar em qualquer servidor. edit: Esqueça isso, é notícia velha. Tem certeza que tentou ingressar em um servidor estável?
  7. Hardcore in DayZ

    Right now all the spawn systems are a bit of a mess. But check back six months from now and there's a chance they'll be fixed.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Is there any way to know which servers are 1pp and 3pp?
  9. State of the Game?

    *Roll eyes*
  10. State of the Game?

    Of course it's relevant. Those people didn't have a working stable version of the game from the start of the development process, for the consumers to play with, while developing different parts of the said game simulatenously. edit: Jesus Christ, ignorance is a bliss. Enjoy it.
  11. State of the Game?

    Are those early access games?
  12. State of the Game?

    Was it ever supposed to be anything other than a survival simulator game? Dean Hall in 2014: "So yeah, it's just keeping true to that hardcore survival and hardcore death, because that's kind of what Dayz is." Taking his words and yours in to consideration, it seems to me like a whole lot of people have been getting angry throughout the years, because their own expectations as to the direction of the game aren't met.
  13. State of the Game?

    *Roll eyes*
  14. State of the Game?

    Oh, please do.
  15. State of the Game?

    It's not unfinished if it's still in development. Read the status reports. I'm not sure why it's so incredibly hard for people to comprehend that if the game is going to be in early access, the development is obviously going to be slower than normal. edit: About that zombie remark, based on what you said, it seems pretty obvious to me that you haven't actually played 0.61.