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    smearing poop on buildings
  1. Can we agree this is feesable?

    I've built plenty of shacks and tree houses and even a small frontier style fort when I was a kid. All turned out fine with just a saw, hammer, nails, and some rope. Never needed any kind of level or square. You are needlessly overcomplicating building a shack. Hell, I could probably lash a small shack together with some boards, sticks and rope in an hour or two.
  2. What changed with DayZ?

    They have said that this was the direction the game was heading from day one. Guns and stuff only spawned as much as they did for testing purposes. You should have paid more attention to what the devs have said about the game and heeded the alpha warnings. Food/water and guns are still easy to find, so I'm not sure why you are complaining to begin with.
  3. .58 survival progression was amazing last night.

    If you are smart about surviving its not that hard to avoid the rampant kos. Hell I traveled across the entire map last night on an almost full server and not a single killer knew I was there looting in the towns they were hanging in. First person only servers do make it a lot easier to sneak around tho. For example, the second truck that came by me on my travels parked right on the other side of a small stone wall I was hiding behind and since they couldn't wall peek they never knew I was there until I was long gone. When they started looting houses up the street I put my axe to their tires then got the hell out of town before they could spot me.
  4. The closest analogy to combat I have is playing woodsball(paintball). I run a setup with military style vest pretty close to the assault vest in dayz. That is probably about 30 pounds of stuff I'm hauling around through the woods nowhere near the 70-100 that soldiers carry or the 50+ that would probably be the average dayz player setup, and day z movement feels a hell of a lot closer to that than something like to or ro2. Moving around loaded with gear is a world apart from normal moving around, especially on varied terrain. Should have put this in an earlier post but I'm stuck at work ATM sorry.
  5. Ya it can be tough to find a good private server, but once you do you will realize it was worth the search.
  6. That's where we disagree. Taky your walking through doors, maybe it's automatic for you, but not everyone is as short as you are. Personally, if I don't pay attention walking through doors, I hit my head on the doorframe half of the time, and I'm not even outside of the average height range. Then there are people like my little brother who happens to be almost 7 feet tall. There are almost no doors that are "automatic" as you put it for him. And ro movement is not realistic in pretty much any way. Human walking/running is very clunky, it is nothing more than a series of controlled falls after all. Bipedal movement will always be clunky, our brains are good at filtering our senses to make it seem smooth and nonclunky. Attach a videocamera to your head sometime without the steadycam crap and that will show you exactly how clunky walking really is.
  7. The only way to stop server hopping is to not allow characters to move from server. The best way to combat server hopping is to play on private servers. Then they are completely wasting their time gearing up just to have nobody to shoot at.
  8. If you have seen any actual combat footage and watched how soldiers move, you would see that redorchestra is anything but realistic. I still play them both and have a lot of fun playing them but claiming they are in any way realistic is laughable at best. Sure they might be more "realistic" than cod or something, but that does not make them realistic in any way whatsoever.
  9. So you are saying that bi is wrong about there own game? Because from day 1 they have said this was the antigame, was going to be very punishing and not easy. They have never once said this is a pvp game, its a survival game with pvp, not a pvp game with some survival stuff in it. Even in the mod they intended the focus to be on survival not pvp deathmatch. Sure pvp has a place in this game, but its not the centerpiece of the game like some people try to say it is. If all you want to do is pvp then enjoy it while it lasts because as development progresses guns will continue be more rare and engaging in pvp will be more risky. However there will be more pvp focused mods that will come out that will fit what you are looking for down the line so keep your eyes open for them.
  10. Can we agree this is feesable?

    None of those are really necessary to build a shack other than maybe the saw.
  11. Hypothermia Issues?

    I got hypothermia last night, campfire fixed it in like 10 mins. You must have gotten a bug.
  12. Police Force?

  13. There is no way to stop the workarounds. That alone makes this discussion a pointless waste of time.
  14. [Question] Beta Release

    It will go beta when its ready. That's the most reliable thing to go by.
  15. Abundance is Realism

    Have you seen how quick grocery stores get emptied when a big snowstorm is inbound? Try a couple of hours. How will it get resupplied with no trucks coming during a major disaster? Do you know where the closest distribution center is to you? Cause most people don't. And farms don't keep huge stockpiles of food, because they need to make money selling said food. Subsistence farming is where any amount of food stockpile would be, but that in the current world is almost a thing of the past. There are a lot of farms around where I live(not corporate factory farms), and none of them have big food stockpiles.