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  1. Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    when on xbox?
  2. Xbox Update 12/10/2018

    works fine for me,shoot around 15 zombie,change 6 mags severaltime LT+Y,LTzoomACOG+Y OK,M4A1 works and hit everything my BIG THANK YOU last three days cant find FNX pistol (NWA,tisy and kamensk base,south base from NWA) spawn or not? only mags find
  3. How To Actually Quick-Reload With "Y"

    found this video and works,this guy is genius and thank you dont hold LT !!!

    PELT are in! found five wild boar,meat+pelt (no bones and gust yet).craft backpack from wild boar pelt,looks awesome https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/116093595286161008386/album/6610403358199629537?authkey=CLTKz8_B9eb1ngE this not from game,create logo in forza.need cars in dayz :-) https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/116093595286161008386/album/6608738600159302337?authkey=CLSC3ee_zozewAE

  6. MODS on consoles

    noooooo,hope this change in future
  7. MODS on consoles

    will be mods on consoles? please, we want them fallout 4 have tons of modifications and works fine on consoles there is two first mod video for dayz and looks awesome TRAIN NAMALSK
  8. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    found this video and works for me,every bulet hit
  9. Aiming to the sky

    look down

    hold B to prone,aim weapon LT,turn around and you'll be on your back,release LT

    coordinates 041 131 https://dayz.xam.nu/

    PLUM are in https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/116093595286161008386/album/6602888194378372593?authkey=CLTeprXGvoHVlgE
  13. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    please fix first firearms,no hit any zombie/players. hard to play when firearms is useless,this is main part of dayz thank you
  14. Dayz future weapons

    there is all weapons from game before update 0.63 http://www.dayztv.com/wiki/weapons/ dev board https://www.dayz.com/development-board some things is in game,some not yet patience,when is game stable they are coming
  15. Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    than you are lucky, my chance to hit is verry low.AXE is best friend :-) two times cost me life,full gear