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  1. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    i kill my self after two hours cough (annoying sound) and now silent,that is nice edit: cant cure,this doing all time,my patience end after two hours,kill my self :-)
  2. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    my friend is sick,every five seconds cough.i drive in car with him and im sick now too.we eat all type tablets,morphine,...started fire and try temperature up.nothing help.our two bodies every five second cought.It is annoying somebody can help with this?
  3. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    thank you for update persistence,fixed? (every week dissapear our base) Added: Kazuar Night Vision Scope, wil be night vision for helmet? and flashlights for weapons?
  4. jedimfp

    Server Hopping Fixed?

    yes,like it. if you change server more than once 1. 15-60minutes 2. spawn five or more km another place when disconected,or beach
  5. jedimfp

    Server Hopping Fixed?

    xbox need private server PS:conan exiles have private server in game preview, i buy one with friends for two monts. nice
  6. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    if your car out of gas,still can drive with no engine sound.when stop,cant start again.refuel some gas and continue,when fuel out car again no sound.very silent vehicle and funny bug,never seen this and dont know how hapends.after restart OK
  7. jedimfp

    Bk 133 pump shotgun

    curently missing pump/bolt action button.on pc is R button.same for mosin
  8. jedimfp


    NBC suit https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/116093595286161008386/album/6643372884274362401?authkey=CIa-iNT704-adw our first base finally finished yesterday after three attempt,wipe,server crash,server convert to pc (is no longer,robbed today) https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/116093595286161008386/album/6643370646829045441?authkey=CJb4ipzwvuuqbA
  9. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    car tent + camo net, close tent and camo net disappear (everytime). only visually,take camo net in hands and put it back to tent works car + camo net would be nice combination NAILS - I did not find nails for two days,today only two boxes. verry rare now? (loot all industrial in cherno,one nails box and 15 generators) :-)
  10. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/galbator-cz/video/66644128 another great day :-)
  11. jedimfp


  12. jedimfp

    Base Gone???

    our base also gone few weeks ago.server crash sunday,monday server back and all gone. one base with tents,walls,watch tower,car,barels.also gone two cars witch some barrels on two another locations. last week we start again (3rd time) diferent server,five barels gone after restart,two cars stay,only barels missing. this problem need fix ASAP
  13. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    also backpack in barracks sometimes. last week cant find any large tent,maybe using this type camouflage on spawn :-) edit: car tent or large tent,can someone confirm spawn? cant find