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  1. jedimfp

    Xbox Hotfix 1.02

    this hot fix works,thank you tactical goggles and mini sights still have white color (after first hot fix)
  2. jedimfp

    Controls for Xbox One

    Y one click - reload magazine Y hold - chamber round or reloading internal magazine (shotgun,sks,..) Y double click - bolt/pump action,eject round from chamber (non bolt/pump action guns)
  3. jedimfp

    Red dot sight

    hot fix kill all optics,scopes,red dot
  4. jedimfp

    23/06/2019 Hotfix Statement

    i have problem after hot fix instal,restart console dont help can you please fix inverted radial menu? (RB,quick slot) i using always invert aim in games,but in 1.02 update have inverted also radial menu.please invert only for aim and look,not for menu.there is two month old maniphest https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139009 nobody care hard times for everybody thank you
  5. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 1.02

    spawned and have big issue.every game i play with inverted look (vertical) but now have inverted hot bar menu too.impossible equip anything in quick slot,please back this to normal navigation.invert look only for game,not for menu.thank you can't equip gun,take me five second like i'm drunk :-)
  6. jedimfp

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    tested CZ-527+hunter scope.we need manual bolt action like on pc R button,not automatic.i dont see where the bullet HIT becose reloadin next round after shot.this need some changes,when in zoom LT and hit R3,after fire,bolt action manualy LT+Y in scope? or something like this.also sensitivity in optics is to slow
  7. jedimfp

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    game freezing in fights when start shooting in this update.I had a few shootouts with players where the game freezes for second when start firing.my last game yesterday,novaya petrovka,BK-133 - aim to zombie,game freze for 5 second,when unfreeze i have black screen and zombie kill me.frame rate is worse than previous update,berezino is perhaps the worst (xbox one x).this need some fix inventory works great,thank you for fix this.really appreciate it LB freelook is fantastic,good choice binoculars,rangerfinger,optics in hands not working hold B to prone,open inventory,switch LB/RB columns and make roll in same time :-)
  8. jedimfp

    Server hotfix: Data Check failed

    start every day like fresh is no solution,i wait for fix
  9. jedimfp

    Character Locked in Database

    same to me,locked in database.unbelievable
  10. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    i kill my self after two hours cough (annoying sound) and now silent,that is nice edit: cant cure,this doing all time,my patience end after two hours,kill my self :-)
  11. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    my friend is sick,every five seconds cough.i drive in car with him and im sick now too.we eat all type tablets,morphine,...started fire and try temperature up.nothing help.our two bodies every five second cought.It is annoying somebody can help with this?
  12. jedimfp

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    thank you for update persistence,fixed? (every week dissapear our base) Added: Kazuar Night Vision Scope, wil be night vision for helmet? and flashlights for weapons?
  13. jedimfp

    Server Hopping Fixed?

    yes,like it. if you change server more than once 1. 15-60minutes 2. spawn five or more km another place when disconected,or beach
  14. jedimfp

    Server Hopping Fixed?

    xbox need private server PS:conan exiles have private server in game preview, i buy one with friends for two monts. nice