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  1. I know this will probably never happen, but I wonder what the community would do. Answer honestly.
  2. Are the majority of DayZ players in standalone or are they playing the mod or a variant of it? I miss the player interaction of the old DayZ, but now the place is a ghost town.
  3. fosty99

    Firearm owners and discussion thread

    Bulgaria. Arsenal SLR 107R
  4. fosty99

    Avoiding boredom in DayZ 0.63

    I was going to restore order to Elektrozavodsk but nobody answered me on the radio, and then I was killed when I went to grab a package from the doorstep.
  5. fosty99

    Firearm owners and discussion thread

    How much was the SKS?
  6. fosty99

    Firearm owners and discussion thread

    Bump bump
  7. < and > don't seem to do it anymore (I'm on the experimental branch)
  8. 21 year old burger artist.
  9. fosty99

    How exactly is this game fun?

    The adrenaline
  10. fosty99

    Day 34...

    How often should I masturbate?
  11. Those are the popular ones I can't play on.
  12. fosty99

    Just Being A Zombie...

    Well I only do it during the zombie walk but I'm sure you can any other day of the year.
  13. I figured I'd share a few pictures of myself and friends in the 2010 and 2011 Adelaide Zombie Walk.
  14. fosty99

    Just Being A Zombie...

    Some more from this years walk: I also met somebody dressed as a DayZ hero. I was going to take a photo but my phone was all wrapped up to avoid getting it all sticky.
  15. I wish I could enjoy it, but 450+ ping on the popular servers is too high.
  16. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?
  17. fosty99

    Tough decision.

    Pretty sure you need about 3 shots to take out a chopper if you're aiming at it's engine. Although I can't remember whether I tested that with the M107 and the AS50, or just the AS50.
  18. I'll usually give them medical supplies if they need it, or some tools like a map or compass.
  19. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:ARMA2_Map_of_Utes.jpg
  20. fosty99

    Is this legal?

    That's illegal, the police are going to lock you away for 25 years.
  21. fosty99

    Monky Monitor

    What the fuck are you talking about?