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    DayZ- The Final Judgment

    Special video that ends it all #Dayz #Dayzmod Links: DayZ Mod Corruption and death of vanilla ( https://imgur.com/a/SCR3YY9 ) No 1.9.1 patch release in over 18 months after being announced to come out in 2-3 months back then ( https://imgur.com/a/nOLS8ur ) https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/197g3o/dayzmod_dev_r4zor49_censors_questions_raised/
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    DayZ Mod Utopia 50

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    DayZ Mod Utopia 49

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    DayZ Mod Utopia 48

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    DayZ Mod Utopia 47

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    DayZ Mod Utopia 46

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    For DayZ Standalone that is great but this is the DayZ Mod section but keeping that in mind this is a great addition for a desert map in DayZ SA, this would never be introduced in the mod thanks to the incompetent devs. Try posting it in DayZ SA gallery / suggestions or modding section.
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    DayZ Mod Utopia 45

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    DayZ Stimpee 2019

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    UK420 Vanilla + Epic

    Playlist of one of the best server experiences in Vanilla +
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    DayZ Mod Utopia

    Playlist of Utopia "the end of DayZ Mod " https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJNbD7Fv5MDaEFuL0FLDPIsqfFen_cV6t
  12. This clan is known to be good in the US, but they turn out to be a bunch of hackers with godmode. RangersServer US 420 WASH D.C.IP: Here is the proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tU2hq20dgw&feature=youtu.be
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    Where are all of the proper clans?

    Don´t you worry, M3RC ain´t shit they are weak and pathetic, the only way for them to beat you is if you ambush their base and allow them to regear, as long as they have 3 helicopters at their disposal, they will always keep coming back, you might end up getting killed due to lack of ammo. Regardless if you killed them over and over they will still feel good about it. But if you find them out of their base, they might just kill themselves trying to survive you. Have fun here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caG88LFjfaI&feature=youtu.be
  14. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    I do not intend to take down this server or admin but to expose the crying that took place. After I join this server I get a Kamyshovo spawn and find a Humvee with a damaged wheel, an Huey comes and I press recording since with a m1911 spawn I could get some footage out of this, the Humvee is not going any where. The Huey starts landing, I get hit and become infected, the chances of survival are slim my best chance is to take down the ghillied pilot before he lands and ends my life. I run towards the Huey shouting " I will not let this happen" and take the ghillie out. After I take off it turns out he was one the admin´s friends with some admin powers. He starts saying he was talking on direct communication he was going to save me and some hero wannabe talk and I would get banned for this, I end up giving up on the server when I realized I had a bunch of crybabies on my hands. I ended up posting this footage but it didn´t take long for the player in question to threat me on my own channel. My tip for DayZ players outhere that don´t want to deal with other players or bandits please before you start you own survivor only server, take in mind to create a forum, use passwords or white lists, and do not buy DayZ standalone if you are not ready. Here is the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8Rzcj2ulcA
  15. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    Video is back thanks for you support guys.
  16. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    A few hours after I had released the footage, he sent me this message, it is safe to say it was all just a bluff he could never go forward with the process if I send a counter-notification, he relied on the fake copyright to take down the video and was truly convinced I was just a kid and I would let this happen, in 10 to 14 days the video will be restored to avoid further illegalities, till then I feel no need to re upload the video.
  17. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    I wish I could guys as I said I am on vacation, I am replying to you trough my laptop and I do not have the footage itself or the original video in this computer, I should have downloaded the video but I had no clue this would happen. When I return on Tuesday I will gladly post a new video and send you guys the footage as well...just tell me how I can give it you and I will in two days.
  18. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    I can post the raw footage with out any colour correction and show me killing him in a video game and he threatening me to ban me, I know the people who didn´t get to see the first video will miss the parts where he went full retard on me and I called him noob and making jokes about his hacked gear, if youtube considers that an harassment to him I will not post such harmful content, but the community have the right to see part of the greatest admin abuse of all time and if he comes again whining that video belongs to him or another person he will get in serious trouble, first let´s see what youtube does about this first video and his copyright based on a fake video from which I stole the content of my video.
  19. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    He his actually saying I stole the content from a video that dosen´t exist, he has gone to far he will pay the ultimate price !
  20. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    So they base their defence on that ? Have they actually read the rules of the server in question ?
  21. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    How on the hell youtube aproved this !
  22. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    Was this actually a fake copyright appeal or he could do this based on my music intro or the fact that I called him names on the side channel ?
  23. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    I would like to know how he got it removed in the first place, this came up if I am not mistaken he says I stole it from a video
  24. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    I will post this video here on Tuesday, I wasn´t a bandit just a fresh spawn with m1911 that the server itself provides, when he came down he had no gunners, I though he was getting out and take me out I took my chances and the result was the biggest butthurt admin of all time.
  25. Supa Sand

    Admin threat

    Get this trough your head, I am on my vacations right now, as soon I get back Tuesday I will post the video here with some parts cut since calling you a noob is considered an insult by youtube these days. Your death to my hands will be posted and it will make you look like a douche again, I would like to see you take the video down based in " Niall was killed" and you saying I will get banned. - Supa Sand