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  1. Dayz not starting but it's "running"

    Dumb question. But have you restarted your computer and tried?
  2. The problem with keyboard

    I use AVG and they keep my computer well protected. And its free. So I'd give that a good try and see what happens.
  3. The problem with keyboard

    I don't think so as I have never had that problem. But lets just run through a couple of things. Have you tried unplugging the usb (of course gotta try dat) or changing the batteries? Or anything really? If you can uninstall the program, restart the computer and see if it works. If not just send er back to the manufacturer as malfunction. That is if you have the warranty still.
  4. Few small quesstions

    - No idea - I have found one. On a body. -Salute by pressing \ (button underneath backspace)
  5. Buying a used rig (tips appreciated)

    Just ditch the cards and get a new one. With 3 cards you will make uneeded heat inside and just cause more problems.
  6. Laptops generally do get hot. But overheating is starting to seem more apparent. Like said, best bet rig a fan and run the programs. If it reaches high temps. Then u best figure a way to keep it as cool as possible.
  7. You can get a few simple Temp recording programs and see whats going on. If its overheating damage may have already occurred. But hey, its an HP. They'll overheat like its nothing. My very old HP laptop had the same problem. Nothing a simple fan close by can help. And as you mentioned a good dusting.
  8. Ive seen the battery problem. My brother shared such problem. The battery is just shot and needs replacing. As for the sleep mode, unsure. What happens before, does is it just go into sleep mode or is there any sort of prior idling? EDIT: When it goes into sleep mode, what happens? I am unfamiliar with HP's version of "sleep mode" Im assuming the screen just goes black and you move the mouse to get it back?
  9. Face paint

    I believe somewhere a dev said that was being looked into.
  10. Problems installing mods?

    Have you started both Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead before installing your mods?
  11. Add vodka

    I do believe, now if I am wrong correct me, alcohol does keep you "warm" or atleast stimulates body temperature right?
  12. Can't install any mods?

    Have you launched both Arma 2 and OA first? I know its rather dumb but it MAY work?
  13. Do you play experimental? That is really all I play now because of the persistence and such.