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  1. 3rdparty

    Best Documentaries

    Wow people still posting here too. Thanks for more suggestions, and those that posted HyperNormalisation, very good doc. Id recommend pretty much anything by Adam Curtis. In exchange, heres a few of my favourites since the last time I posted here. The Jinx - The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst 6 episodes of the bizarre story of a murder suspect and billionaire real estate heir Robert Durst. Seven Five Story of the exploits and downfall of brazen corrupt new york police. Ken Burns Vietnam War 10 episode epic. John Musgrave interview below. All brilliant and engrossing documentaries.
  2. 3rdparty

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    423 pages now, of the second thread. jesus fucking christ.
  3. 3rdparty

    Best Documentaries

    All good, except I dont think I've watched battle of chernobyl, that video wasn't working so I'll hunt it down elsewhere. IF ye like drug trade topic Try either El Sicario Romm 164 (Very difficult to obtain documentary, although I havnt tried recently): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=888qHoAO-O4 Or try 3 part series: Cocaine, that was shown on Channel 4 many a year ago. That's very dark, in one of the episodes the main person they are interviewing in murdered at the end. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/cocaine/4od#3110902 If you like human pieces, ye should try Errol Morris, he does some really unique interviews, here's a half hour one as a a taster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ak5Lr3qkW0 YEa I like the VICE and Louis documentaries but I've got some issues with em. VICE can be good but too often it comes across like what I expect sometimes it is. Pretentious drunken middle class lads trying to come across as having integrity and conducting a relevant and professionally journalistic review of an issue, when in actuality there's a seething underbelly of patronisation and western condemnation that I feel is similiar to how Channel 4 decides to name human pieces, I don't know if you're from England but for example they might do a soft compasionate story on, I dunno, a paraplegic woman desperatly looking for a partner, and Channel 4 would name it "Who would marry a monster?". THat's the kind of vibe I get off VICE sometimes. Same with Louis too, his best docs have always been the law and order ones, his other ones dealing with obvious nutters errr I'm in kind of two minds about. On one hand he blatantly visits eccentric nutters but on the other hand he uses patronisation and post editing to crush their facades, which although is funny, is infact very easy to do (given that they are nutters) and in the end it, I don't think he has produced anything essentially meaningful which is what I like to get from documentaries. For all his professional, calm, rational and wholly tolerant, "educated" approach, you can still essentially reduce his docs down to "lets point and laugh at stupid people". Seem most of em, and those ones are amazing so I'll be watching the others thanks :). Bit of a harrowing do but you might be interested in this, The Act Of Killing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD5oMxbMcHM Oh never heard of them before, ill give em a try, yea had a rant on Louis and VICE a quote or so before this, I enjoy some of both their docs but still got some issues with both. As for something interesting I saw recently: This is a very low budget interview but if you're in the UK or are aware of the notorious paedophile scandals rocking the country atm, then I'm sure you will want to listen to this. Interview with Chris Fay, who along with Mary Moss uncovered the Elm Guest House brothel, it's ties to disturbing barbaric paedophile gangs across Europe and the prominent and prestigious LIVING politicians who frequented it in 70's/80's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORU5x-ryedU
  4. Yea that's what I've been sticking to since last night and didn't seem to have any problems, think I'll check again this morning to see if I've still got my character. ED: SPoke to soon, Logged into You Are Dead, I logged out last night on a wooded hill a good 600 m away from any visible town anyway.
  5. LAst 2 days I've been having severe issues with new character respawns, loading old characters, continuous rubber banding and something similiar to this happened, reset default settings with a new character.
  6. 3rdparty

    Server reset character

    That makes the most sense but I just went on DayZ tonight after a few month break, trying to hook up with a mate who is new to it and with every server closure/kick (Im assuming due to the update) our characters reset. I even ran into a random player after this happened about 4 times who was describing the exact same thing, (as well as happening to his mate who he was also trying to meet up with).
  7. 3rdparty

    Describe your love life.....

    Im afraid the mighty Zappa took those answers to the grave. But I feel the title is most relevant to your request XD
  8. 3rdparty

    Does the hide body function work for dead bodies?

    From what I gather it works, but the body doesn't disappear, you just can no longer access the gear.
  9. 3rdparty

    Describe your love life.....

    How or why?
  10. 3rdparty

    Describe your love life.....

  11. 3rdparty

    What's your favourite song right now!?

    I'm loving this remix of Prodigy - Firestarter :')
  12. 3rdparty

    Best Documentaries

    Ken Loach Documentary Spirit of '45 Recommend this for EVERY UK resident, incredibly relevant and reminding documentary of what we gained and what we're losing.
  13. 3rdparty

    Dean Hall & George Romero

    I think this post by SausageKingofChicago is unintentionally relevant. http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/115604-just-saw-rocket-again/
  14. 3rdparty

    Legalization of Marijuana

    All drugs should be either decriminalised but legalisation would be the best option so it could at least be taxed and regulated. The war on drugs is the biggest hypocritical joke only on par with the war on terror. Just for a modern example, in 1999//2000 the taliban put prohibition on opium. Opiates (heroin/opium) fell to 30 tonne export per year, within a year of the coalition invasion of afghanistan it rose to 400,000 tonne export. Higher than previous years in the 90's and accounting for around 80/90% of the world's heroin. It's not a war on drugs or terrorism, it's a war on people and the hypocrisy is laughable.
  15. Back in the mod days, first proper kill (after the initial shakes and making my way through the pvp nightmare electro). I teamed up with some guy west of electro, I had a lee enfield and he didn't have anything, since we were both new players we were just exploring and decided to go to the lighthouse on the hill at Cap Golova. Then we heard shots coming back from electro, through the scope I could see a fresh fish running around being shot at by another fresh fish with a makarov. After one had been killed and the other started running back to electro, I thought I'd take a pop at him. Saw the red puff of blood engulf his tiny head, must of been 300-400m. I was so proud, still am seeing as it's a skill I've not been able to reproduce in my 1 1/2 years playing XD Later, we met up with his friend (who had been coordinating the meet for a while) we ran for perhaps 20 minutes north, I know not where, when I thought we were stopping at a vantage point to get a view of where to go next, his friend shot me in the back of the head. First betrayal.