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  1. So we've all learned a thing or two from our DayZ days and I thought it would be nice to share it with the community. Please avoid silly things such as "I've learned to shoot everyone and everything I see" Okay so I'll go first! :3 A list of the few things I've learned: • Improved map-reading skills • Basics of the russian language • Some people only want what is best for themselves • Run away = Live to survive another day (wow that actually rhymed D:) So that was that, feel free to share what you guys have learned from playing DayZ! Edit: And I hope I posted this in the right section :s
  2. Yeah I thought it was pyramid cuz of the drawing there on the sign
  3. Well my DayZ days have taught me some russian and if I'm not completely wrong that translates into: "On the date 24/4 2014 on this place a cave (or pyramid) fell apart". And I'm afraid I don't understand the last three words but i translated what I could, although I'm not sure if it is all correct :/
  4. vibby

    Binoculars need to be implemented

    Was thinking about it the other day. Yes, PLEASE!
  5. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    Just go on "Filter" in the server browser and put 0 on Min ping etc. Try restarting your game, if that doesn't work try restarting your PC, Try everything!
  6. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    Remove all filtering, not sure if that will fix your problem though. Just give it a minute, I'm sure it will find a few servers
  7. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    If you paid for it then it's the standalone. The mod is free. And yes, you bought the standalone.
  8. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    He's playing the standalone version
  9. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    I have that issue as well, I usually just Alt+Tab and wait a few minutes, when I bring the game back up there are plenty of servers to join. Could just be me though.
  10. vibby

    Trying To Get DayZ To Work ?

    You do NOT need Arma 2 for the standalone version of DayZ. You see, DayZ used to be a mod for Arma 2 but now that the standalone is out, Arma 2 is no longer needed. So, yeah And DayZ commander is for the DayZ Mod, not standalone. Have you tried starting the game manually from Steam? It should work if you bought DayZ and not the mod
  11. vibby

    Suggestion: One & Two Handed Items

    I do like the idea about the gun + flashlight :3
  12. vibby

    Server Hopping.

    Exactly why I tend to stay away from those places.
  13. The melee system in DayZ is FINE. Hitting the zombie in the head will knock it down. The only thing that needs fixing is the sound Why? Do you really think it would just stand there and do nothing at all? Are you kidding me? It sounds like you're hitting a wooden plank and the zombie just stands there like it's already dead, totally ignoring the fact that it's head is being hammered. Trust me, I've played WarZ/Infestation/whatever long enough to positively say that an army of zombies can be killed with a goddamn flashlight. Try doing that in DayZ. That's right, you can't. Because it would be too easy! Seanayy is right. Not to mention their screenshots on Steam, they're all "gameplay footage" yet 90% of them consist of impossible situations within the game. Plus they've lied about many things during the game's development Moral of the story: WarZ can't be compared to DayZ. They're totally different games.
  14. vibby


    Put the canteen in your hands and use your mouse wheel on the pond, you will get the option to refill it :) Edit - Damnit, ninja'd