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  1. Precise object placement

    I just hope that the tent does not get floating like in the video.
  2. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    Thank you for your definitive answer.
  3. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    I dont know what Dean Hall want to DayZ. I think he doesn't know too. I think it should be based on some feasible history and focus on that. In a story where it will be easier to prevent bugs. For me it would be perfect if it were based on TWD. But the number of zombies would be big and hordes wandering around.
  4. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    Go and watch The Walking Dead later than come back... This is not the point... The zombie was like TWD's walkers and overnight they move like "28 dayz/weeks".... The Arma engine doesn't support zombies like "28 dayz", in this movie, zombies dont pass through walls.
  5. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    Zombies are so fast... is ridiculous... DayZ SA is worse than DayZ Mod =/ For me Zombie is a dead body, him is incapacitated to do some actions like run, jump. They are retarded, don't have intelligence and strength to run...
  6. lol... is just my opinion about respawns.
  7. :( I don't like it. I prefer more zombies and possibility of clear the city.
  8. You don't want Street lights because is not realistic, but want shortened dayz/night? What world do you live in?
  9. Please don't put respawning of zombies and itens. Where is the realism? Put more itens on the market and hospitals. But I really would like clean the cities of the zombies, like The Walking Dead.
  10. To give greater realism when using dark glasses, the screen should darken slightly and glow of the sunshine and lights should be decreased. The survivor would have advantages and disadvantages, choosing the best tactics depending on the situation: against the sun, your view would not be overshadowed due to sun glare, but his vision would not the sharpest because of the dark glasses. Please vote for this issue in http://feedback.dayzgame.com/view.php?id=7483