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  1. Looking for players to group up with

    Hey guys I've banded together a few guys and we are looking to add more! We prefer serious and tactical gamers! If you wish to play join the ts ny.tghservers.com:7058!
  2. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    How do we join lol? Seems to all be locked :( EDIT: Sorry ahaha had to change ping because they are in the UK :)1
  3. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    The gods have blessed us!
  4. United States Directive 6 Division [Serious Gameplay] [Tactical]

    Hey there svisketyggeren, Thanks for taking the time to review the thread, if there are any questions or comments feel free to hop into our ts! ny.tghservers.com:7058
  5. UNITED STATES DIRECTIVE 6 DIVISION What are we? We are highly trained soldiers selected by the United States government to respond to world disasters when all else has failed. Current Situation? We are stationed on a Venator Class Carrier, which is stationed in the Green Sea not too far from Chernarus. Our objective is a relief/intel mission we are here to provide aid and conduct research on the unknown virus going around. Our waves of deployment and supplies are depleting slowly for this mission, we are looking to recruit any US Armed Forces members still on the ground or any type of military personnel still active or alive. This is a voluntary position you will be doing this for the greater good of the world. Why enlist? Think back to when you first enlisted and why you did it, and now think to yourself right now do you still believe in that reason? If so joining us will be the right decision, you are helping humanity restore itself and rid this horrible disease. Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.” So help us and do the right thing! Roles: Advanced Recon Commando's: You work well alone or in a group it doesn't matter. You complete missions no other soldiers can. Advanced Recon Force: You are our eyes and ears in the field, you overwatch the AO, look out for anything suspicious, act as snipers and counter snipers. Republic Commando: You represent and fight for the Republic for which our country stands for! You will be assigned to a group and will be given tasks not for the ordinary trooper. Trooper: Basic Rifleman support role, but remember you are the backbone without you other role's wouldn't do well! 6th Militia: You were a civilian but enlisted to help our cause! consists of scavengers, doctors, medics etc. Active Commanders: Marshall Commander/Fleet Commander: David Storm With David's experience with Chernarus in the 2009 crisis and extraordinary skills and leadership USD6D decided to put him in charge of Chernarus OP. David was a US Army Ranger Captain, after his time in the Rangers the US Army lent him to the UN where he spent most of his time working until he was chosen for the USD6D. Fleet Captain/ARC Commander: JJ JJ was a typical American and grew up with a family that loved firearms, he joined the Navy Seals for his love of weapons and for his country. JJ was noticed after his accomplishments in Afghanistan, because of his never quitting attitude he was selected as ARC Commander. Fleet Officer/ARF Commander: James Ferrara James Ferrara was a distinguished Marine Force Recon sniper, with his skills and experience he was elected to be the ARF Commander for the Chernarus OP. James was recognized when he shot a three insurgent grenadiers attacking a VIP from a spinning LittleBird. Requirements: Mic Maturity Teamspeak Application: Name: Age: Timezone: Country: Are you willing to commit: Why do you think you deserve to join: Quick background on character:
  6. Roleplaying as United Nations!

    Haha yeah putting down stuff can be tricky! Luckily for us it just naturally landed on the table.
  7. Roleplaying as United Nations!

    Some old pictures taken by some friends and I roleplaying as the United Nations.
  8. Trading Post

    Get me a sword and I'll give you a PM73 RAK...
  9. Trading Post

    Yo I want that sword, I have a M4 all magpul, smersh, MP5, AK74SU, PM73 RAK,.
  10. Trading Post

    Looking for a sword I already have the PM73 RAK, I have a M4 and smersh still to offer for the sword.
  11. Trading Post

    I'll give you an M4 the PM73 RAK mag... PS STILL LOOKING FOR SWORD!
  12. Trading Post

  13. Trading Post

    There is no bipod I have been told so I'll take the sword... is it pristine?
  14. Trading Post

    Thanks for clearing this up!!!