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  1. Stress Test vol.17

    Please guys, where/how to report for a char locked on the database? Been struggling since 2 hrs and still cannot join Stress test servers, first time ever I have issues with the stress branch. Thanks
  2. Exp Update 0.62.140062

    It looks promising, are you gonna update Stable branch if everything will be ok with this update?
  3. Vilayer servers?

    Maybe related to actual DDOS attacks affecting Battleye, EA and SOE servers? I'm just guessing
  4. New renderer

    Will the new renderer fix any of the actual flickering textures issues/distance drawing?
  5. Update Rev. 0.36.115535 (Experimental branch)

    Any ETA for Stable branch?
  6. Yes, joining experimental servers = dying of starvation.
  7. So we'll be able to hide both backpacks and tents for storing items?
  8. Ammo Load/Empty 30Rn STANAG (coupled): Exploit?

    Not sure if we can call it exploit but need to be fixed soon or late, maybe changing stack limit to 60 rather then 30.
  9. Health Menu

    Already upvoted your idea also on Reddit.
  10. DayZ Mod Hotfix.

    According to what Rocket sad yesterday about DayZ Standalone on Reddit: Markers gone. Position gone. Little exploits allowing you to place next waypoint gone. GPS not in yet. Two compasses, orienteering and old brass one. Both fully animated. Will be probably adding PiP to help orientate them and use them but only basic functionality available for the alpha. Would be possible to remove any waypoint/marker from the mod? Actually I can't see any use of them except: Orienting obviously but the informations are so accurate that is like your character is following Google Maps on a smartphone (seriously we need to get lost sometimes, Chernarus in not a huge map after months of gameplay)Using waypoints instead of rangefinder for sniping purposes (unfair)Placing markers around the map to share crash sites/trolling at other players (unrealistic and not in line with survival atmosphere) At least we can have the chance to place a marker only by using GPS when we find it, it's a rare item and giving it a proper use will be a good item/tool balance IMHO.
  11. DayZ Mod Hotfix.

    Also the Krasno screenshot is outdated, it miss the plane wreck at the end of airstrip.
  12. DayZ Mod Hotfix.

    All videos about 1.8.1 features are amazing, can't wait to test/play it. Think we also have more players after Arma II sales.
  13. I didn't know you also support JSRS soundmod! Is this related also to CHERNARUS #1? I'm also curious to know if using JSRS could have impact on client FPS performance, please let me know and *bump* ;)
  14. DayZ Mod Hotfix.

    Any chance to use newest ARMA 2 OA Beta client 112555 (released yesterday) in combination with DayZ Mod 1.8.1?