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    Exp Update 0.63.148743

    Fake news! :P
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    best team would reccomend
  3. RCP Raccoon Platoon Looking for fresh blood. A few things to mention; WE ARE NOT A CLAN (we are friends) WE DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE (Why? cuz no need, maybe later if needed, no need to worry abotu being active or that crap) WE DO NOT HAVE "TRIAL PERIODS" or "RANKS" (we sort shit out like adults, mainly 'cuz we are) WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR ANYTHING (donations are welcome ofc as anywhere but you get nothing for it except our love, we HATE pay2play and EVERYTHING it stands for) WE HAVE A TEAMSPEAK (ts.chemicular.co.uk:2310 no pass) WE HAVE TECHNICAL MINDS (for scripting/designing/managing game/ts servers etc) WE ARE MAINLY EUROPEAN (would love some americans/aussies etc but they probs wont like the ping they will have with us) WE SPEAK MAINLY ENGLISH (mainly, some memespeak by our fadora members - dad) PLAY MULTIPLE GAMES (currently our members are switching between around 10 different games when they fancy, usually joining what other people are playing so mostly all together on the same game. Of course a few hardcore dayz players like myself stick to only a few games). ACCEPT ANYONE (who isnt really fookn annoying, if your under 17 you may generally offend us with constant questions or constant affirmation of attention (seeker), ANYONE is welcome but you may get put in kids corner if u really are that annoying. I would only try if your over 17 or are mature for your age. min age 15 i would say as our age range is 17-30 ish) -------------------------- We are a no bulls*** group of friends that believe in having fun. Our inner core of players (7 ish+) has been around since the beginning of the dayz mod and have been through a lot and never disbanded. Probably the atmosphere and general friendliness of our group keep people about, we really do care about each other, so come on, give us a shot and we can care about you too! (LOL that sounded ...). We are mostly from UK so play times usually Afternoon/eveneing/early morning, some of us started doing different shifts so usually someone on most of the time. But more people from different time zones = more people on at any given time, that is what I hope for anyway, just a nice big bunch of friends all day long :). -------------------------- Thanks for checking us out (TS: ts.chemiuclar.co.uk:2310 - just join whatever channel you want to play and people will follow) There is not even a need to reply to this thread unless you want to, if you like the sound of a few friends chillin out then hop on TS and see if we get along, no application or steam group bs just hop on say hello :) -Uniflare/Chemical Bliss
  4. chemicalbliss

    Rolling Update Rev. 0.30.113953

    Guys they are testing things, this is to be expected. They think of some idea that could potentially have huge benefit, they test it, some problems they didnt forsee, they fix it, maybe some more problems etc etc. Having patches released every day or so and having the amount of data and feedback on every patch really helps the dev team because we are the play testers. and tehre is a hell of a lot of us. So they have more time to fix stuff and have to spend less time recruiting testers, loading the specific private dev build for local multiplayer testing etc if they do this as we are testers it saves a rediculous amount of time to build the game. I think it is a smart move and will push dayz development much faster than before but dont rage on an alpha, think of your rage as feedback and let the devs know of the bug tracker, help make this game even more awesome..
  5. chemicalbliss

    Admin Abuse on a few servers.

    such flame for an early alpha... This, is what killed the dayz mod.. endless argueing and bickering about tedious things that don't even matter (at this time). It is clear there is an issue about exploitation of public hive servers and there were/are rules in place to try to prevent people from gaining an advantage on other servers by having their own. I garuntee you dean and friends know about this and have/are/will think about this a lot as it is pretty core to their vision of dayz. Private hives will come, and dean and friends will surely come up with some hard coded solutions and some acceptable rules to keep the public hive a fair place to play. Just... patience... damn Maybe think of some solutions or ideas to the problem
  6. I think its silly everyone is FORCED to use these code updates. It's alpha, like minecraft as dean said himself, I can go on minecraft and use any version i like with all the mods that work on that version. Cant do that on here, we're all sheep forced to follow the shepard.
  7. Hello good people, I am light a fluffy uniflare. I would just like to say that the way the mod is going is the wrong direction. it is becoming more like cod. To that effect, you can read why here (i am not retyping): http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/139226-sooo/ I do hope the standalone is nothing like this mod :). Thanks (ps, who the fe** would write like this if they are angry?)