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    I live in a basement with ma squirrel. He likes to talk, a lot.
  1. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Seems pretty smooth so far, combat worked well. Only that some servers keep on crashing every 10 min(could have been just those 2 - 3 I joined). Also apartment building balconies either don't have collision or you can really easily lag through them
  2. Yeah, there is hope, just check back here in 1 to 4 years, then this game will be ready, probably. I mean the game is great, but the developement is way too slow(it has been 0.59 for 5 months)... It kinda gives me the feeling the devs will abandon this soon, which I hope is not true, but it just feels like it... When 0.60 comes out with new render, the fps is supposed to change. I wished they would have picked Arma 3 engine to work on, instead of Arma 2 one.
  3. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    You have a higher chance finding people at military areas on low pop servers. In full servers people don't go usually to there because of being afraid of getting shot. If I want decent gear I always go to military areas on high pop servers.
  4. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    Anyone else experienced this weird bug, that when you are inside a building and you hit a wall with a melee weapon, the doors(mostly outside ones) of the building close? Doesn't work with every building, worked with the log cabin, red brick building and with some green building aswell.
  5. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    You have a higher chance of running into people at those locations on low population servers(atleast on public hive, because of server hoppers). At full servers people tend to stay near the coast area.
  6. Stable Branch - 0.57 Discussion

    Were you on the upper floor? I have had legs broken or random death for being on the second floor of any building. Especially those red ones.
  7. Stable Branch - 0.55 Discussion

    Considering this is DayZ, it is pretty normal.
  8. Stable Branch - 0.53 Discussion

    When did the devs changed it? I hadn't recognised it. Was it long ago? For me, it's a good decision. I like it :) What about changing FOV? I remember if you lowered it, you could zoom in more with the Long range scope, don't know if that works with binoculars though.
  9. Stable Branch - 0.53 Discussion

    Zombies are way too toned down. Zombies spotting players kinda comes and goes, so to speak, they can see the tip of your head through a boarded up window from 200m away and yet again you can sometimes run up to zombies, with them reacting to you from 5m away. You can sneak past zombies by moving quietly and using cover. You can lose zombies through buildings, trees, bushes(pretty much if you break their line of sight for a while, they will stop following you.
  10. Those were just steam servers, it should be okay now.
  11. Are the servers down again? I havent been able to get on a server since 0.53 was launched, just says "Wait on host..." or "Connecting failed", also every single server is either full or empty
  12. Only took 2 months to get chopper crasher working, yey... Anway, anything else except for new animal AI, haven't seen any new items or animations.
  13. Stable Branch - 0.52 Discussion

    Was it on public hive? and is the persistance on, on that server? If so, probably people server hopping, also persistance loot spawning is broken.
  14. Stable Branch - 0.52 Discussion

    Maybe you can only find them at chopper crashes. Though I haven't seen a single pistol silencer there so far. It could be that they removed them completely.
  15. Stable Branch - 0.52 Discussion

    Pistol silencers have been in the game quite a while. I think the best chance to find them is at chopper crashes or christmas trees. Then again, I haven't seen either, for a long time.