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    I have been killed 2 times in the last week by them. Last time, about 8 of them must have spawned next to me as I never heard them howl. I had a shotgun and hit some of them but it never killed them. I was dead in 3 hits. I also heard them howling a couple of days ago north of Zele, so I sat in a house and waited for them to come, they didn't so I left and went to Myshkino where they were attacking Zombies. So I sat in a house and watched them, the Zombies must have killed the Alpha and they all ran away. Normally its the Wolves who win with Zombies so it was a bit of a surprise to see it the other way around.
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    Is XInput working at this time? I click the Use XInput button and it does not change and does not work. Is there a startup switch I need to apply or something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. Tig
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    I recently got sick, drank pond water or die from dehydration due to the stupid hyperthermic bug or whatever makes you dehydrate faster, I took my chance knowing it may well happen. I lasted maybe another 4 hours after that before I died. I tried everything to make it better. I sat under a tree, soaking wet for 2 of those hours just to get normal temp again. Even got "healthy" status for a short time. Sadly the "I feel a rumble in my stomach" warning was coming up. Running to a well every 5mins to drink and keep my energized status up too was fun. The other 2 hours I tried to find meds, to no avail. Bled out through my butthole, what a way to die in a zombie apocalypse. So happy lol.
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    RIP David Bowie

    R.I.P. David, you were an icon to many and will be for many a time to come, you will be missed.
  5. Tiggr Woodget

    Is The Russian Bear Going To Far?

  6. Tiggr Woodget

    Is The Russian Bear Going To Far?

    I have preceeded my responses above with my initials, hopefully this will make it easier to read. I didnt write the articles. The whole discussion is about the Bear going too far, well, ask yourself this, if you had nuclear warheads going up all around you, pointing in your direction, with retoric coming from our polititians and western media that fuel the fires of war, and/or threatened your family, what would YOU DO? Nothing? or fight back? I wonder.......
  7. Tiggr Woodget

    Is The Russian Bear Going To Far?

    I think the following throughs into real doubt anything you have said here. I suggest WE ALL find out the facts BEFORE we act to potentially threaten ALL of humanity with a potential nuclear war. This is irreversible if/when this happens and it EVERYTHING suggests we are heading down this track. «I was there when we told the Russians that we were going to make them a member, we were–observer first and then a member»: Lawrence Wilkerson, 3 October 2014, on The Real News Network, at 18:54 in the interview. «When I spoke with Baker, he agreed that he told Gorbachev that if the Soviet Union allowed German reunification and membership in NATO, the West would not expand NATO «one inch to the east»: Bill Bradley, 22 August 2009, in Foreign Policy. «Mr. Kohl chose to echo Mr. Baker, not Mr. Bush. The chancellor assured Mr. Gorbachev, as Mr. Baker had done, that ‘naturally NATO could not expand its territory’ into East Germany»… Crucially, the Gorbachev-Kohl meeting ended with a deal, as opposed to the Gorbachev-Baker session the previous day… Mr. Kohl and his aides publicized this major concession immediately at a press conference. Then they returned home to begin merging the two Germanys under one currency and economic system: Mary Louise Sarotte, New York Times, 29 November 2009. «According to records from Kohl’s office, the chancellor chose to echo Baker, not Bush, since Baker’s softer line was more likely to produce the results that Kohl wanted: permission from Moscow to start reunifying Germany. Kohl thus assured Gorbachev that ‘naturally NATO could not expand its territory to the current territory of [East Germany].’ In parallel talks, Genscher delivered the same message to his Soviet counterpart, Eduard Shevardnadze, saying, ‘for us, it stands firm: NATO will not expand itself to the East.’… But Kohl’s phrasing would quickly become heresy among the key Western decision-makers. Once Baker got back to Washington, in mid-February 1990, he fell in line with the National Security Council’s view and adopted its position. From then on, members of Bush’s foreign policy team exercised strict message discipline, making no further remarks about NATO holding at the 1989 line. Kohl, too, brought his rhetoric in line with Bush’s, as both U.S. and West German transcripts from the two leaders’ February 24–25 summit at Camp David show. Bush made his feelings about compromising with Moscow clear to Kohl: ‘To hell with that!’ he said. ‘We prevailed, they didn’t.’… In April, Bush spelled out this thinking in a confidential telegram to French President François Mitterrand… Bush was making it clear to Mitterrand that the dominant security organization in a post–Cold War Europe had to remain NATO — not any kind of pan-European alliance. As it happened, the next month, Gorbachev proposed just such a pan-European arrangement, one in which a united Germany would join both NATO and the Warsaw Pact, thus creating one massive security institution. Gorbachev even raised the idea of having the Soviet Union join NATO. ‘You say that NATO is not directed against us, that it is simply a security structure that is adapting to new realities,’ Gorbachev told Baker in May, according to Soviet records. ‘Therefore, we propose to join NATO.’ Baker refused to consider such a notion, replying dismissively, Pan-European security is a dream.’ … By the time of the Camp David summit, … all members of Bush’s team, along with Kohl, had united behind an offer in which Gorbachev would receive financial assistance from West Germany — and little else — in exchange for allowing Germany to reunify and for allowing a united Germany to be part of NATO»: Mary Louise Sarotte, Foreign Affairs, October 2014. «A failure to appreciate how the Cold War ended has had a profound impact on Russian and Western attitudes — and helps explain what we are seeing now. The common assumption that the West forced the collapse of the Soviet Union and thus won the Cold War is wrong. The fact is that the Cold War ended by negotiation to the advantage of both sides. At the December 1989 Malta summit, Mikhail Gorbachev and President George H.W. Bush confirmed that the ideological basis for the war was gone, stating that the two nations no longer regarded each other as enemies. Over the next two years, we worked more closely with the Soviets than with even some of our allies. … ‘By the grace of God, America won the Cold War,’ Bush said during his 1992 State of the Union address. That rhetoric would not have been particularly damaging on its own. But it was reinforced by actions taken under the next three presidents. President Bill Clinton supported NATO’s bombing of Serbia without U.N. Security Council approval and the expansion of NATO to include former Warsaw Pact countries. Those moves seemed to violate the understanding that the United States would not take advantage of the Soviet retreat from Eastern Europe. The effect on Russians’ trust in the United States was devastating» (Jack Matlock, Washington Post, 14 March 2014). «Sir Rodric Braithwaite GCMG, former British Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Russia, informed us that assurances were given in 1990 by the US (James Baker, US Secretary of State) and Germany (Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor), and in 1991 on behalf of the UK (by the then Prime Minister, John Major, and the British Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd) and France (by French President Francois Mitterrand). Sir Rodric Braithwaite said that this ‘factual record has not been successfully challenged in the West’»( The EU and Russia: before and beyond the crisis in Ukraine, 20 February 2015, British House of Lords, paragraph 107.) If nuclear war is what we really want, all we have to do is continue to allow this to happen and NOT SPEAK UP or stand up to our western media/political/corporate lies we are continually being spun on a daily basis. And we are complicant in this with our INACCTIONS to stop it from happening. WAKE UP PEOPLE before its too late.
  8. Ah, true indeed, however, history has showed us that it can be successful. Extreme IMO but hey, each to their own
  9. The natives are getting restless and who could blame them
  10. Tiggr Woodget

    Controller support confirmed?

    Yayyy my Logitech Thrustmaster controller is working again after like 5 patches......woot
  11. Tiggr Woodget

    Stable - 0.49 Discussion

    My first experience's with .49: Logged in fresh at Vybor at the bridge with no clothing and hungry (well known bug I know), but it appeared to be stuck in the holding weapon anim. The game crashed by the time I got to the top of the creak bed (10secs). Tried to log into the same server 3 more times and got to actual spawn, after seeing connection etc to server, and the game constantly crashes back to desktop. I rebooted the computer and same issue. I eventually log into another server and its dark and I am nekid lol. Within minutes I am hypothermic so I try to cloth up and eat etc but I was dead in 10mins which is what I have heard happens. This was good as I respawned at Kamyshovo correctly and all appears to be ok now. Played .49 Exp for a few days prior, so am really looking forward to gearing up on stable. Keep up the great work devs
  12. Tiggr Woodget

    Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    Yes, this is exactly the issue. Thank you for responding. I still play with keyboard, I just prefer controlling the movement only of my character with the controller so its not even a huge issue for me, just disappointing :) Anyways, keep up the fantastic work, this update is fantastic.
  13. Tiggr Woodget

    Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    Well, its still a bit disappointing to me. Still have NO controller support. This is now the 3rd update without it and in fact, not even a mention of why it has been removed or when/if it is going to come back. None of the patch notes even mention that controller support is an issue.
  14. Tiggr Woodget

    Stable - 0.46 Discussion

    Played for the first time since they updated to .46 Server I logged into was raining, daytime. I could not see very well as the ambient light was varying all over the place from dark to light, making it almost impossible to play. When I entered buildings and looked into my scope, it was fine, when I went outside, almost instantly dark. I adjusted the brightness up but it made little to no difference. Also, the ability to use a controller has not been fixed yet. This does not make sense to me as certainly there must be a number of peeps out there that either prefer to play with a controller (as I do) or have disabilities which dictates this. PLEASE put this functionality back. Other than that, I am VERY excited about the changes that have taken place since .46 was implemented, its a shame I cant play since due to the above problems. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for your efforts.
  15. Tiggr Woodget

    Stable Branch: 0.45 Discussion

    It seems that the ability to use a controller rather than the keyboard has been removed. I can play with the keyboard but I find it much simpler and much prefer to use the controller for moving my character around. In fact, I use keyboard, mouse and controller to play. This is disappointing to me and I would like to see the controller usage back. When I go into Configure/Assignments/Devices there are NO CONTROLLERS listed. Please fix this Dev's. If I load up the mod, which I rarely play now, all controller usage is still there so it is only SA that does not have it.