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  1. The problem of DayZ SA - thread #999

    well its been awhile since i last posted but i have been lurking here, in the hopes of..... something. Which so far its been the same circle it seems. Add stuff, didnt work/created bugs remove stuff and so on. Back when it came out i told people to be patient and wait and see. That has come and gone, Love the concept still and once i move back to the US at the start of the next month and get a nice pc i am getting arma3 and slapping the exile mod. Like the OP said, and others Dayz started and showed how early access can make something happened, i also got H1Z1 and ark both newer then dayz yet way far ahead. It is sad really, there is no point in playing this game....
  2. Just returned after almost a year...

    lol i know what you said, but your analogy to me makes no sence. but i see the point your trying to make. Mario is more like kid racing or arcade racing, compared to grand turismo. Dayz and h1z1 fall under the same zombie survival, given that the crafting in h1 is more arcade maybe, but it doesnt make into the question you made, just because dayz tries to simulate are more realistic type of crafting or graphics. H1 just because has a not so realistic graphics doesnt mean it is inferior and is hard. Need to remember that dayz came from a mod based on a soldier combat simulation, thats why all like it cause it is a hard learning curve, while h1 is quick learning curve for a harsher game play. Any way i could keep going. thats why your question made no sence.
  3. Just returned after almost a year...

    Like i said for the first two days or so the air drops had p2w items, weapons and other tools. while they said that it was going to be only skin type items. however because ppl really aggro on that they fixed it and removed the weapons, i havent played it for two days, and when i logged in yesterday in like a min or so i had to waste my 20 arrows around the houses i was searching plus got luck and found a car then i found that there was like 3 bases around and that could have been a player´s car cause it was green. Plus they are hard on hacking.....indeed the race is on.
  4. Just returned after almost a year...

    well here is my 2cents. been playing since mod, i do have some good found memories and what i am saying is that i am found of dayz, there were some improvements however since it came out, i also got h1z1. Now i am not trying to do game X vs game Y but i must say that h1z1 for me at least had a good start minus the air drops that had weapons but was fixed. I understand that h1 still will have some fixing, but my point is. All the stuff that dayz SA said was going to do, H1z1 has already in its early stage. I mean i actually have to worry about zombies, wild life, players and hunger/thirst and i can make my base, though is hard as a lone wolf. It comes down to engine, and who is backing it, yes dayz is still alpha and all however like i said comparing the progress of both games dayz is lacking, yes there is tons of items but the point of us scavenging for them is to survive make camps, have the upper hand over other ppl/groups sadly it not there yet. I know dayz sa team planned for 2015 but by then could be too late. Now i say this knowing that games take some years to finish. By now i just don´t know, back a few months i was saying wait and see, but now......
  5. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    ok let me pull out the reports we had? and i have showed a source. funny thing is this a forum of a game, and you argument of evidence and facts are a double edge thing, because if they are fake and i was able to convince you would still beleive what i am telling regardless? in fact something that the media does today. Dont care if you believe me or not but when i was in areas not katrina where i saw the worst and the good of human beings is true. I also could say that what ever you are saying is invalid and call for proof.......
  6. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    thats the thing, well first i am glad you and family came out healthy. but my point was the event in a global level. I am not trying to come across that i have no faith in humanity, honestly humans are more cruel when it comes to power and ideals. however like i said and not to make a small deal of sandy´s outcome it was still a "small" area compared to the rest of the nation/globe. Though you did up bring something interesting sandy vs katrina, and how ppl reacted. A ZA will never happen but who knows, there are other threats that will have same psycological effect of such events if prolonged and to tie this up as far as RF lets hope it never happens yet something yo be aware of. As for the game, mechanics are there so it is planned for, i feel the more play style the better for the game, makes chernarus feel bigger.
  7. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    yeah but there isn't much room for mistakes, but is skill vs mindset
  8. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    so a source who used to work for the government specially in intel is not enough, lol i dont know about you but i never trust the media. a good exemple was the news when sadam was captured, we had him for a week already when cnn showed the news. here is one http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2009/08/secret-history-hurricane-katrina i said my unit was there not that i went there, and being national guard it was changed the way we trained for situations like katrina, and had first hand accounts and shewed even if i didnt train right, in other words rdy for combat.
  9. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    thats what i am trying to get at, the % of ppl who can actually go in wild and know what they are doing is very small, this including military out of 7bi. ppl
  10. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    were you there? cause my unit was, and i using katrina as point of reference. dude lol according to this 1754 bc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_Hammurabi but i am not putting what we went through in history versus what we can do today and can happen in the future if it happens. Because for one most ppl knew how to live of the land, or rather knew how to use to raw materials in everyday lives vs today we all just go to make MC donalds (sarcasm) but going back to what you said i am not talking about law alone i am talking about psycological effects.....
  11. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    yes i know is hard, farming vs hunting, shall we? you kill a dear you gut it and skin and a couple of ours you have cooked meat. farming, takes months depending of number/ size of crop but if we are to discuss one tomato it will take one month at least for it grow if i remember right and what are you going to do while you wait for it grow?. raising cattle even more work. Now with everything going crazy do you think ppl will have time to be able to raise crops and cattle? BUT here is the real question out of 7 billion ppl how many have the skills or know to actually do all that, while they are starving, left out to weather hazards, not protected by your local law or goverment? Katrina was just that my unit was one of those to go for katrina we had reports of 10 year old with 9 mils in hand.
  12. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    dude is easy to assume that it will be quick. look at katrina how long it took to repair it or try to and yet it is not at 100% now that's with a running government. you and try to guess that would be a short period but it all depends on how many are alive, the size of dmg to infrastructures, scarcity of food vs numbers of people. but bottom factor is their mind. Its not as easy or quick as you may think, things move fast today because we are connected and money can be wired in an instant, like i mentioned before i am looking at worst scenario.
  13. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    i am looking at modern society, basing on how many really know how to live of the land and not only farming. I saying this from former military service in intel where we actually saw that deep scary stuff of what poverty and other areas can do to a person´s mind, how in Iraq a neighbor would tell of his friends stash of ak74s to get some reward also hence why i mentioned what they do to those steal just two potatoes in Africa. now ask you this how people you know of that can live without relying on supermarkets? given that depending of whatever disaster, it might have a big effect on crops and etc. like some one noted this scenarios will bring the very best or the very worst out of people. I am not basing on ZA but also weather or nuclear disaster not even counting if the government is running or not. Also its not about if they can or are capable, is a matter if they can be strong mentally or not to face desperation.
  14. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    because as of yet we never had real global collapse. where government falls apart and total chaos rules the street. man if ppl dont have wifi these days they all get upset fast, imagine if there is no more food being produced, markets being ran sacked in the first couple of weeks and so on. im talking about worst case scenario, true we do seek to be civilized, but remember the black plague? my point of view comes from where we as a society most ppl have have desk jobs and credits in the bank, ppl dont know where or how get food the way we did back a few centuries ago. look up the show naked and afraid and they were suppose to be survivalist. also im not talking about if we make it or not as a species but talking about the choas in between and not the outcome, the period until ppl actually adapts to the new reality.
  15. kos vs. being a filthy sniper with a fetish for violence

    true sniping. this is me and my friend and brother we had a group coming to nw and i caught a glimpse of them as we left. i dont usually snipe and im more of the up close and personal and yes it is not as simple as many make it. I was spotting for them
  16. Are Bandits a bad thing?

    try living outside of US or any first world country and come back with your post to see if it changed. i lived half of my life between US and Brazil. To say ppl will not kill for food and give Africa as an example? dude go look up gore type sites IN AFRICA they burn thieves who steal one or two potatoes alive in the middle of the street in broad day light. In some ghetto neighborhoods here in Brazil if you look in the wrong way and the criminal doesn't like it your dead. As to the OP Welcome to dayz, it will mess with your head, not because of the game but because of how humans think. Even if a zombie apocalypse will/might never happened any brake down of modern countries where ppl became so used to everything being manufactured will cause all the problems that has been touched in this forum in the past years. And bandits are needed it is part of it.
  17. Do we really need more zombies?

    oh the dream of zombie train in cherno like the old days but better
  18. Do we really need more zombies?

    but did you craw after that? i had a couple of broken bones but didnt really see any big changes other then my arm is broken or leg messege. either my point was that it was more often in the mod then in SA
  19. Do we really need more zombies?

    you want npcs? fine go play the epoch mod......... anyone here remember the thrill of going to nw and having for sure tons of zombies spawning while looting, and the potential of another group or a sniper in the surroundings? like a broken recorder the Zs are place holders atm, every other mechanism is being worked on as well, so the game we have now is not the final game yet. Dayz is player+zombies we can´t separate the two is what the risks are based on along with the health mechanism we have now....in the mod once you played for a time and figured how zombies worked they were a push over yet a threat if a mistake was made, right now we dont have the broken bones effects yet, where you go prone like in the mod or a straight knock out by a zombie, in the mod you still had the chance of that happening even fully geared. all gotta do is wait to the end of the year and see.
  20. Do you want pooping in this game?

    except that taking a crap is a real part of combat, since it is a simulator. As a former army, often times we needed to take a crap and still be on guard while taking a crap or having a battle body near by. Nasty story i have, but to make short due to MREs i just couldnt hold one time and i really did mess my pants, luckly was a training exercise so i could go back to the barracks. Funny part is that the company commander plus one of the platoon sgts started sharing stories about that topic when they were driving us back, me in far end of the truck lol. any case it should make into the game.
  21. Dsync at it's best

    soooo why did you have to get that close with a long range rifle?
  22. Do you want pooping in this game?

    anything we do in game is a bodily function.
  23. Do you want pooping in this game?

    i meant haemorrhoids so fixed my post
  24. Do you want pooping in this game?

    in the mod we would find tons of trash loot toilet paper was one of them