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  1. Rape in DayZ (apparently

    I never said you did. I called you a media shill for spreading this nonsense - you see those words just before the part you quoted - and you say I've got reading comprehension issues...
  2. Rape in DayZ (apparently

    Not specifically, but the fact you made a thread about it is exactly what the media is looking for from people, to spread their nonesense - you have become a media shill
  3. Rape in DayZ (apparently

    Games have been the scapegoat of the media for decades (used to be Rock and Roll, rap music, etc, then am sure something else before that). Nothing new to worry about here, move along
  4. Why...........(movement and avatar control)

    As with all good things, it takes time to make a game perform/run better - fluidity. CS have been going to decades. Also the fact the maps are tiny (relatively speaking) has a direct correlation to fluidity. The difference in the level of detail with regards to combat between the two is absolutely massive; one is 'arcadey' the other is trying to be more realistic/authentic. Not a bash at CS at all, just highlighting a design difference. /inbeforeyard
  5. Loot Not Spawning?

    Wrong forum bud and this thread is over a year old...
  6. Warning about future Storage on Tents

    Make your bloody mind up. You preach to the OP that nothing is permanent and then not too long after threaten to rage quit if it happens to you /rolls-eyes
  7. Yes the post directly above yours, just download and install it manually
  8. Request: a bean can label?

    They ARE in game :P That's why he's asking about it, unless I've completly missunderstood you
  9. Majority of playerbase are kids?

    Dude, you only just started playing, why you playing Epoch and not the 'original' to start with?
  10. There are many reasons people prefer to play on private hives than to make it easier. I personally prefer private hives because; No ghostingNo server hoppingLess hackers (generally)Better sense of community with the people who play on that serverLots of varietyDifferent MapsDifferent sever optionsCustomised and new enterable buildingsBoth private and public hives have their pros and cons, its just a case of which is better overall. If it wasn't for the private hives and the variety they brought I don't think I'd still be playing personally. I just wanted to state that thinking the only reason people play on these private hives is to play it easy mode is quite naive. NB - I play mostly on vanilla private hives, but occasionally want a different experience so play on other mods (DayZero, Tavi, etc.)
  11. Sorry double post, damn phone
  12. What I was describing is how much easier it would be to do solo, due to their slow movement. What you have described is already a tactic used by many groups of different sizes with the infected as they are now - NWAF being a good example. This tactic hasn't really made people anymore interested in teaming up from what I've encountered. Changing them to lurches I would think would make solo play easier, though that maybe more to do with playstyle and tactics and prob many other factors. I personally find the infected in Dayz a breath of fresh air compared to other zombie games on the market. Also necro :p
  13. No tears here sweetness, just observations about your attitude
  14. Tried to jump back into DayZ...

    Sure I get ya, but there still lies the issue, what to do about it. That was an easy one, remove, modify or keep. This is far more complicated 'issue' (not suggesting you are not aware of this) and after literally hundreds of ideas, none have 'stuck'. Sorry I don't have anything more to add really, just wanted to point out that KoS is indeed something on the back of minds when implementing any design ideas.
  15. Just carry on with that attitude fella, really productive - the worthwhile people on this forum see straight thought this kind of statement and your ignorant bigoted manner shines thought in all its glory. Oh right yeah, I've never left my house for more than 1-hour at ngiht. Yeah, sorry forgot I lived in a basement, geeze My statement still stands however, if there is no light you can't see, simple as. NB - Yes animals generally can't see sh*t at night. Those that do come out at night generally use their sense of smell/hearing to get around.