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  1. Can I Run DayZ Retail (POST HERE)

    Hi guys, i want to buy this pc. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/msi-ge60-apache-15-6-core-i5-4210h-2-9ghz-3-5ghz-8gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-850m-2234979 DayZ will run nice? / medium or high graphics? /
  2. Gaming PC Budget Builds

    Thanks mate.
  3. About PC

    Ohh, didn't see. Sorry mate. and big, big thanks. Cheers bro. You gotta my beans.
  4. About PC

    Thanks for advice. WHAT do you think about this? - http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/msi-ge60-apache-15-6-core-i5-4210h-2-9ghz-3-5ghz-8gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-850m-2234979, will dayz run smoothly?
  5. About PC

    Can you please recommend any cpu , gpu ?
  6. About PC

    hmm. I don't know what to do, but i want to play dayz smoothly.
  7. About PC

    thanks mate. but what do you think about MSI GE60 GAMING LAPTOP? There is link - http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/msi-ge60-apache-15-6-core-i5-4210h-2-9ghz-3-5ghz-8gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-850m-2234979 DayZ will run smoothly?
  8. About PC

    Sorry for double post, guys what do you think about this? MSI GAMING LAPTOP GE60 http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/msi-ge60-apache-15-6-core-i5-4210h-2-9ghz-3-5ghz-8gb-ram-nvidia-geforce-gtx-850m-2234979- link
  9. About PC

    Thanks mate, can you tell to me full name of CPU.
  10. About PC

    Hello survivors, i just want to ask you guys. Can you recommend to me any pc, wich is Gaming pc? (600-750 euros) i dont care - Personal PC or Laptop. ( Yes i know, you can upgrade Personal, but still, maybe anyone have any recommended PC?) (Link to PC would be great.) Or tell me just, best CPU, motherboard and GPU for DayZ. i want to play dayz without any issues, with nice graphics, nice draw distance, you feel me? ( I know DayZ are not yet optimized, but you know, without any issues.) Big thank you guys. Cheers.
  11. About expermental.

    still not help.
  12. Black screen when loading day z

  13. Improving FPS in DayZ Standalone

    Thank you bro.
  14. About expermental.

    Just downloaded expermental patch, and what i see. I CAN'T SEE MENU maybe smth is wrong with launch options? - -world=*empty -cpuCount=2 -maxMem =4096 -exThreads=4 -nosplash -noPause -skipintro -winxp -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi amm, with stable patch all was ok.
  15. Suicide button

    just find a knife, and press F11