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    Admin threat

    actually, you-tube automatically removes content under review to prevent any lashback from failure to comply with DCMA. But if he doesn't follow up with proof after a counter claim, they will just reinstante it. three links for you to read: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/fxE4AjhX-ME http://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/copyright-complaint.html http://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/counter-notification.html people bank on the fact that you won't counter notify. if you do, they have the legal responsibility of proving that what they said is true (see the first link)
  2. irdaemon

    Admin threat

    it's automatically placed under review. reread my post, i updated it a little.
  3. irdaemon

    Admin threat

    he's claiming you stole the video content from him or someone else. so potentially b/c of the music. however, in the case of infringing on someone else's music, THAT person, or their representatative, has to challenge you saying that you have unlawfully used their content. Make sure you check out my post above about this "non-pvp" server that's clearly listed as PVP on gametracker. :D
  4. irdaemon

    Admin threat

    Nevermind.. i was looking at the right server! http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Server details on game tracker clearly state PVP is allowed: nsjmurray, the server does clearly state it's PVP friendly on gametracker. is the reason you want the video taken down b/c you don't want thebelsonator finding out you're anything but the "friendly and helpful" admin that is "non judgmental"? He clearly calls out on gametracker that this is a pvp server, "Although we do encourage communication and friendliness, this is DayZ...we do also encourage the rule of "THERE ARE NO RULES"...so if you want to be a bandit and shoot everyone, then please go ahead". Just say'n, you might be why the server has a running average of 2 people.
  5. irdaemon

    Admin threat

    Read the comment under the video! lol Sounds like he knows all about violation of TOS. I almost want to report his youtube account for Cyberbullying...
  6. irdaemon

    Admin threat

    fixed. Please don't report me for harassment or try to sue me.
  7. irdaemon

    How well geared are you?

    yes; i've found several HE and several smoke. I was carrying the HE around for a while and finally dropped them for lack of ever finding an actual 203...