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  1. Let's talk about new animations

    When your character is double-gunning primary weapons and for whatever reason they need another item in their hands (like a melee, food item, etc.), there needs to be an animation of your character dropping their primary gun from their hands to the ground. The one animation I'd like to hopefully see in the game because the current one just makes you think you've placed it on your back.
  2. Inventory & scroll wheel

  3. Inventory blur.

    I want to make it a point that I love the idea of the blur and I'm 99% sure the idea was borrowed from Rust (It's no secret Mr. Hicks plays it). However, I feel the current blurriness of the inventory is "too blurry" that you might as well replace it with a black background. I suggest to tone it down similar to how it is in Rust, which I find it to be almost perfect. Comparison to how it is in Rust vs DayZ [as of EXP 0.61.136700] and what it should probably look like: http://imgur.com/a/IAu42 Whether or not the above is considered, also consider changing it to a "dynamic blur". The amount of gear pieces that are expanded the more blurry your inventory becomes. Maybe keep it very simple and ONLY blur your screen when your backpack is expanded (including large containers and backpacks in the vicinity). It makes no sense to have any amount of inventory blur, as a fresh spawn with only pockets.
  4. You mentioned ground swimming and duping as top priority. What about players glitching through buildings. As far as I know every building can be glitched into. Will this game-breaking exploit finally be fixed in the upcoming .59?
  5. Stable - 0.49 Discussion

    Servers are crashing every hour or so just like it was in experimental. I don't understand why .49 was already pushed through stable when it still isn't even stable at all?
  6. Destroy tank traps?

    Well I tried using satchels and that didn't work. Thanks for the replies!
  7. I know you can remove tank traps by using a toolkit, but is it possible to actually remove them by destruction?