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  1. DayZ Experimental 0.61

    You don't need to do anything in AU to keep public server as empty as possible,that's how they are, empty. Even in prime times you might get 200 players with all servers combined
  2. The peek players was 10,172. Then the hotfix was put in place and the "Great player crash of 0.55" stoped.
  3. I dont know why the loot table had to go back to 0.54,I had no problems finding loot. Out of the 1875 servers,there were 1100 serves with zero players,little over 500 with 10 players and less,with a hand full of populated servers, At the time a total of 3070 players on line . Coincidentally the hotfix as it called was put in place two days later. Good bye eazy looting.now Ill have full servers to fight over the loot Awaits ban
  4. 3PP Camera Position: Fine tuning

    Get back to CA 10 then
  5. H1Z1 - a post-apocalyptic MMO from SOE

    I was playing on a Arma 3 server and I tried to get in a chopper but I didn't have the DLC and there's the marksman DLC on the way. DLCs under the cloak of Pay2win. Not sure if you are new to the gaming industry,but pay2win is eveywhere,and I dont care what its disguised as BTW The purchase Arma 3 DLC bundle in-game work perfectly unlike its busted ass server browser
  6. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    I was trying out AMDs virtual super resolution today to see what the fps hit would be at 2560x1600. The Forest,When I look at the sun,sea,sky my gpu and cpu usage went down,and when I looked at woods,hills my gpu usage went to 95%+ and cpu to 70% The exact opposite of Arma and it spin off engines. And the best part...its ALPHA
  7. Average Lone Wolf Wouldnt Survive

    If you want"irl" get some random to do complex surgery on you and come back and tell us how it worked out for you. I also have died zero times playing lone wolve in 140 hours,where as the buddies/clans deathmatch players die at a fairly high rate.This maybe why you want surgery because you want the easy way out of being a Bambie and gearing up after getting you ass handed to you everyday just by pressing "H heal" key for complex surgery . If you don't like running of the beach,stop getting killed
  8. ArmA 3 General Discussion

    Installed. Wasteland and KOTH servers only Uninstall Whats the good news?
  9. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Well I do have the same cpu and 2x6850s,but I dont think Im going to waste the thermal paste.They are retired for a reason. Edit Just checked with my son who has the gpus and DayZ and Arma2/3 about the fps. He said ,Id dont think so
  10. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Go out buy buy your Intel and Nvidia but know one thing,your expensive hardware will still be crippled by the BIS engine
  11. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Another poster^ that can be safely ignored
  12. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Or play any other game.
  13. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Software Afterburner, Rivatuner, HWiNFO64. I used the HWiNFO64 to display the cores on the OSD(RTSS) tab and I can reset the values(Cpu/thread usage average) and start playing or while in-game and just write down the average cpu/thread usage over the playing time.I just couldn't be bothered up loading pics or youtube videos. How to do it if you dont know
  14. Why is Bohema so bad when it comes to AMD?

    Fx 8350.r9 290 40mins mp(breaking Point) 65 players Core usage 0)31.8 1)35.7 2)6.3 3)1.1 4)25.3 5)37.3 6)3.7 7)0.4 average 40.9 As you can see 4 cores are doing nothing After disabling the unused cores Average cpu usage/Altis benchmark 1)52.8 2)28.9 3)36.8 4)28.2 Max cpu/thread usage Average 49.3 I also got an extra 6fps in Altis benchmark. 1 hour of mp (Breaking point)80+ players 0)59.8 1)48 2)42.4 3)59.3 Cpu/thread usage average,59.0 I'll do DayZ cpu/thread usage later,but I don't expect any different from Arma 3
  15. PC Build Opinions

    Get the best PSU that you can afford. A 600watt generic/budget is not the same a a gold rated 600watt PSU. Want SLI at some time in the future,watercooling Epeen window case?.Its cheaper the buy the good one now. You dont have to get a modular PSU to get a clean build with a case such as an NZXT H440 Mid Tower Case. I got one for my son and he has the ball of spaghetti/cables PSU and the cables are all hiden.. Dont skimp on the PSU