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  1. Yeah and while we're at it, just dont bother spending time and money making them if they're going to be so rare no one's going to find one. NGV is more common than you think. And a place with so many military bases per square km would actually have a really higher than usual rate of NGV per person. But even if its not that, cameras with NGV (like Outlast game) could be a semmingly common civilian asset. However, as long as they let my use my flashlight on my left hand while I use everything else (pistol, food, soda, medicines, etc) on my right hand at the same time, I would be more than happy for them to fix the gamma exploit.
  2. Visual overhaul

    Not even Skyrim Special Edition (I assume no mods here) is breathtaking. Guy has a point. You play DOOM at Ultra and THAT's breathtaking, specially when you can play at 100+ fps with a moderate system.
  3. Visual overhaul

    Having that realism and a really far field of view (which is a must in this game) seems contradictory.
  4. from fun to pretty much unplayable

    Hypothermia almost got me killed once when I first played 0.61. So did again when they broke the chimmey thing and I had a few minutes of panic until I found out a place I could make a fire when raining, but those didnt kill me the first time and after that I've learned so it has never been a problem any more. Also, Wolves are not dangerous if you play with friends (which I always do). And instakill from zombie? w0t? I see people here complaining about insta-unconsciousness from zombies but that actually never happened to me, much less insta-kill. Falling from roof/stairs was (and is) a problem. But i've learned to control my retarded character to avoid him commiting suicide so it didn't happened to me for the last 2 years. However I have to say I'm still in fear everytime Im on hospital's roof. Odds are next non-human thing to kill me its that. But that's not difficulty of the "game", that's difficulty of the engine badly programmed mechanics, and I assume it's going to be fixed in the future.
  5. from fun to pretty much unplayable

    With that you proved you need to learn some basics of the game. Knifes are basically infinite. So are apples. And with that this game becames eaaaaaaaaaasy mode. I never died of anything else than another humans for the last 2 years.
  6. Unless bases disappear with you when you logout, its a complete waste of time. I had my fair share of base building back in the mod and it always ended up the same. Completely looted and destroyed while your team is not online by a cheater or a lucker (most likely the first. Server was mine and by logs I banned more than one player who happened to "luckily" find 6 hidden bases in less than 15 minutes). Thus for the Standalone I never bothered with bases, and never will unless they can be made and enjoyed in an afternoon or they can be protected somehow with a 100% chance of sucess against cheaters (which I find impossible).
  7. Status Report, RE: soft skills

    Day Z Mod was actually like that.
  8. Reason to keep playing?

    Agree. I don't get into this game to get infected and then cure myself. I get into this game to [insert objective] and then zombies happen, infections happen, hypothermia happens, hungry/thirsty happens, etc. I protect myself, I survive, I get closer to my [insert objective] and have fun in the process. But with the current setup there's no objective at all. However I do think this is because game mechanics are more important. Once that is working fine, endgame shall be added (bases, camps, story?, factions?).
  9. Exp Update 0.61.136887

    We overturned a hatchback by accident and it flew to the sky at 3000 kmph a few km high. We couldn't see the terrain, nor the clouds, nothing at all. If the moon would have been there we may as well have landed there. Then the car started falling down until we started to see a something... then trees, then terrain, then bigger trees, then roads, then much bigger trees, and then the car crashed and bounced all again to the sky while completely destroyed (wheels, doors, hood, everything) but without even the slighlest damaged to us. This went on for a while in a loop until we re-logged and found ourselves on the grass, alive, a few miles away from our original accident spot. Actually, it was fucking awesome xD Sedan allways falls to the left, regardless of the vechile/wheels status. Allways correcting right with the steer. Not all of us, but almost all have problems with the fps when in a vehicle. When im driving for a while my GPU starts using about 6-10% of its processor power and my fps drop to 15. Unbearable. As I leave the car the GPU goes up to 80-90% as usual and fps to 130 also as usual. I have noticed 1st person reduces this effect (GPU drops to about 20% instead of 10%). This is for now the most annoying thing regarding vechiles. Sync seems to work way better than back in the Day Z mod, when you could see the driver go thru walls, entire buildings and such when you were the passenger. As for now, this hasn't happened to us.
  10. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    Actually... have you tried standing outside only with a t-shirt on a cold day while raining? How long you think it will take you to be in need of an ambulance due to an hypothermia? Let me tell you. About 15-30 minutes. At this point your body temperature is so low your life is already in danger, an even if an ambulance arrives to help, you are still bound to a fairly enough chance of shock and dying anyway. Therefore I find this game mechanic pretty good. If it rains, first thing you have to do is make a fire under a pine, a roof, or a chimmey in a house (once fixed) and warm yourself.
  11. 3PP vs 1PP - I finally have an opinion

    Not allowing people to shoot when in 3PP goes againts those who prefer 3rd person view. I myself hate 3PP when shooting, I would miss everything, but I both love/need 3PP for everything else, cuz in this game for some reason 1PP is unplayable. It must be model proportion, FOV, head movement (tho I have it disabled). I don't know, but I always end up resorting to 3pp when playing, also because I like watching my character. But for me, the solution is rather easy - conceptually speaking -. Make every interactive element on the map (players, zombies, vehicles, items...) invisible to the player if not in the eyes field of vision of the character. I've seen some mods already doing this though in a bad way (with latency at appearing/disappearing stuff cuz they're mods and can't modify the graphics engine itself), but it's doable. Integrating it with the engine would also make it 100% effective and not performance costly (for those who don't know the number of operations behind EVERY pixel of your screen for each frame rendered is asthonising, adding this to the math wouldn't affect your fps at all).
  12. Turn off apple treees

    It's not a glitch involved with the character controller. It is a random event that happens infinitely. Fixing the "glitch" would only make it slower but still as effective as before. The only real solution is to have apple trees work just once (droping a random number of apples from 0 to 20 at once) and then leave the tree "empty". I don't think is performance costly, as the game also destroys every bush when chopping sticks, cutting pine trees removes them from the map, and stepping on grash flattens them. Adding the apple trees to the mix wont make a difference.
  13. Turn off apple treees

    Well to be fair, good luck rushing military bases as a freshspawn now. Those are surrendered by wolves.
  14. Is DayZ still too easy ?

    As for now, the hardest enemy of this game is the game itself and the broken mechanics. For example, I would ask for a hundred zombie horde for enhanced PVE difficulty but with the way melee is working, better not. I would ask also for a broken bones recovery time instead of instantly, but with the broken mechanics accidentaly breaking bones in a nonsense way, better not. You step on a puddle half a second, you die, reminds me of my mom with the "I just scrubbed the floor and it's still wet!" and you die for steping on it. It's not the zombie, the bone, the puddle or my mom whats killing me, it's the game mechanic. Zombie, bone and puddle would be eazy peazy if this worked right, and only then I'm going to ask for more zombies, more rain, more difficulty
  15. Your .61 Experiences

    I can't place fireplaces on chimneys on stable?????? I died from hyphotermia trying to ignite a fire inside a house with a chimney like I did a bazillion times before on experimental.