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  1. Freelook toggle

    You play with a gamepad? So you basically avoid all hostile areas and fire fights generally?
  2. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    The guy with the idears strikes again (lol).
  3. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    New melee combat has been added: fencing.
  4. DayZ Funny Moments

    8:31 Every soldier is a farmer Comes the evening and he grabs his hoe Comes the morning he swings his rifle on his shoulder This the army of Uncle Ho Ewan McColl, The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh
  5. Firestation upper floors are inaccessible

    You need to jump onto the first steps of the stairs (start to run from the opposite corner). It should be easier, but that's how it currently works.
  6. Almost done with this game

    You complain about dying as a new spawn? Come back when you have invested hours over hours and a thousand kilometres while looking for good gear and then getting killed ^^ Dying as a new spawn has absolutely no meaning.
  7. Why 2-slot-pants when you spawn with 4 slots?

    For exactly two shots - which you even have to search for eternally :-P
  8. Why are there 2-slot pants when you already start/spawn with a 4-slot pant?
  9. When I close DayZ (only DayZ !), I can't click anything in Steam or on the desktop. I need to open the task manager (ctrl+alt+del, just open and immediately close it) before I can click anything again. It isn't a great thing, but has anyone experienced something similar?
  10. Shoot , Kick and Slap out of the Car

    Suggestion for you: spend some time learning English instead of writing suggestions. First suggestion: start with the spelling of the word "idea".
  11. No Combatlog and no behind spawn idear

    Dein Englisch ist echt lächerlich.
  12. DayZ Bases

    Fortunately YouTube offers a preview picture when you hover the mouse over the progress bar. So I could avoid your stupid jumpscare at 7:07 in your second video.

    3:41 Scarborough Fair... in what language?
  14. HitlerZ Reacts to DayZ 0.62 Update

    World War 2 is an invention of Hollywood and the video games industry (and of the Balfour-Hooton-Kalergi clan of "god's chosen people").