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  1. roguetrooper

    A Thank You Is In Order

    Computers help solve problems that wouldn't exist without computers.
  2. roguetrooper

    Where is the DayZ population?

    They are waiting for Scum.
  3. roguetrooper

    The Headless Man

    Pro: Immunity to head shots. Con: No head banging.
  4. roguetrooper

    Where is the Headbob option

    Indeed, headbob is one of the worst things in video games. First, it's sickening (mismatch between your equilibrium organ and bobbing eyes - not to be mixed up with sitting in RL in moving car/train and watching the evironment). Second, IT IS TOTALLY UNREALISTIC AND STUPID. When you walk (run, jump or whatever) in the real world, the world also does NOT shake in front of your eyes (unless you sit on an old washing machine with a high spin cycle). The world in front of your eyes is always fixed but your eyes slide in front of the scenery (don't know how to describe it). Do you have a feeling of the world bobbing up and down when you jum rope? No. You still perceive a "fixed/immobile" world but your eyes are moving (along with your body/head). In a video game the screen level itself are your eyes. The player's eyes don't exist within the video game, so to speak. When the screen level shakes (head bob), it creates an effect that does not exist in the real world. Since your RL-eyes are a second level in front of your VR-eyes (screen), you perceive a shaking world instead of moving eyes/body in a "fixed" world. So in short, make head bob optional and everybody should be fine.
  5. roguetrooper


    I hate cigarettes, I despise smokers in their property as smokers. I don't smoke and I wouldn't smoke even if I saw a second "dinosaur asteroid" coming in a few minutes.
  6. roguetrooper

    Yet another stamina suggestion

    I am waiting for the body fucntions simulator "Scum": https://store.steampowered.com/app/513710/SCUM/
  7. The color of your current stamina should be visible much more clearly (not white over another white-ish).
  8. roguetrooper

    Adrenaline sate for .63!

    There is no "PvP stance" in DayZ. Anyway, how would you determine what's PvP? A bullet hitting you from 10m? From 200m? A bullet hitting a wall 1m behind you? Somebody shoots with a silencer at you from 100m? What if the target doesn't even know that he is being shot at? You shooting at somebody? How would the game know that you are shooting at somebody (and not hitting him)? Sorry, but it's rediculous. Further, there is already enough adrenaline when you are suddenly attacked when you've just picked up the last item for your desired gear (though it doesn't influence the avatar, of course)...
  9. roguetrooper

    Iron sights in 0.63-stress ?

    Since I have reconfigured almost all key functions (always the very first thing I do with a new game), I have assigned "shift" and "wheel-button" to something else. Further, I would like to use "right mouse" for instantly switch into iron sights, either as long as being pressed or as a toggle. I have tried many functions in "Infantry Weapons" and "View", but I just don't get it. So what function is responsible for "using iron sights"?
  10. roguetrooper

    Iron sights in 0.63-stress ?

    Which function do you have to assign to "right mouse button" have iron-sights-sight while being pressed? All I get is that stupid crosshair-hip-shooting so far.
  11. roguetrooper

    Freelook toggle

    You play with a gamepad? So you basically avoid all hostile areas and fire fights generally?
  12. roguetrooper

    Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    The guy with the idears strikes again (lol).
  13. roguetrooper

    Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    New melee combat has been added: fencing.
  14. roguetrooper

    DayZ Funny Moments

    8:31 Every soldier is a farmer Comes the evening and he grabs his hoe Comes the morning he swings his rifle on his shoulder This the army of Uncle Ho Ewan McColl, The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh
  15. roguetrooper

    Firestation upper floors are inaccessible

    You need to jump onto the first steps of the stairs (start to run from the opposite corner). It should be easier, but that's how it currently works.